Aaaahhh… it wouldn't be a day in reality TV blogging without some Real Housewives of New Jersey gossip. Ever hear of that saying Cher, cockroaches, and spam would survive an apocalypse? I think we need to add our favorite dueling New Jersey sisters-in-law to that list! 

First up, Teresa Giudice says what some have been thinking all along; that Melissa Gorga is using Teresa's name – and their televised feud – to keep herself in the press! After complaining long and hard that Teresa loves the tabloids more than her family and friends, it seems Melissa also has a tabloid love that once unleashed cannot be squashed. Perhaps tabloid interviews are like tattoos (or designer sweaters, in my case) – in that once you get one, you just can't stop!

Melissa has been making the rounds pleading her case and talking up Teresa left and right. In a recent Bravo Blog, Melissa accused her fame hungry sister-in-law of being behind strippergate yet again and cites Teresa's friendship with Kim D as proof. Melissa also accused Teresa of doing appearances with Kim. 


"I guess Melissa has nothing else to talk about but me,” Teresa seethes to RumorFix. “I keep her relevant. I keep her going. That’s funny to me. It’s a joke. I’m doing appearances with Kim? Yeah, okay. I don’t even want to answer that because it’s not even worth my time.”

As for Teresa's involvement in strippergate, she once again denies that she was in on the set-up, but admits she knew something was going to happen! Funny how stories change over time…  “I shouldn’t have opened my mouth," she adds, referring to her confrontation with Melissa in the bathroom at the Posche Fashion Show. 

And confronting Pete Giudice's comments to Teresa at the PFS, telling her she did a "good job," Teresa denies they had anything to do with Melissa! “He’s proud of everything I’ve accomplished with Fabellini,” Teresa insists. 

Melissa thinks life revolves around her — like he was saying that because of her. It had nothing to do with Melissa. [It would be] stupid for my brother-in-law to even say that on national TV. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t even know my brother-in-law was going to be there," Teresa adds.

"I’m so sick and tired of talking about this. I’m done. I didn’t set her up. If that’s what she wants to believe God bless her. I hope she lives a happy life. She [Melissa] already said she’s done with me. She better remember those words. She should think before she talks.” Ouch! These two deserve each other more and more each day. Did human cloning happen and we weren't aware?

Moving on, NY Daily News has a scandalous story to report about Teresa and nemesis Caroline Manzo. One which I don't believe about either ladies! 

According to Salvatore Scirica, a NJ resident who is hosting a cancer benefit for 6-year-old Christopher DiMartino, he asked both Caroline and Teresa to appear at the benefit and got no response.

Apparently in 2009, Christopher's family hosted a benefit at The Brownstone, and because of this Mr. Scirica asked Metropolis Nights editor Chaunce Hayden to reach out to Teresa and Caroline about appearing at an upcoming benefit. And allegedly the requests were ignored! 

“It was crickets,” Chaunce reveals. When he asked a mutual friend why both women didn't respond he was told: “They don’t do anything anymore unless they are getting paid. End of story.” Appearance fees for members of the RH cast can range from $3,000 to $30,000. 

And outraged Mr. Scirica said, "We're not gonna pay them. They’re from New Jersey; they’re 10 minutes away from the restaurant!” He adds,“Sometimes, the fame goes to their heads.”

Upon being contacted about this story, Caroline's rep claims: "She has never been contacted by these people.” Teresa's rep did not respond.

I have to say, this story sounds dubious… say whatever you want about Caroline and Teresa, but they both do a lot of charity and they seem very giving in that regard. Particularly where children's issues are concerned! 

And finally, a recent report speculated that Danielle Staub may be headed for a return to the show that made her name synonymous with dastardly! Well, now in a new article, TMZ claims Andy Cohen has "ZERO PLANS" to bring Danielle back on the show!

Their sources – which are said to be very reliable – claim Danielle offended producers so much that there is absolutely no option of her staging a comeback. 

As for the meeting Danielle had with Andy, sources claim Andy knows to keep friends close and enemies closer and wants to maintain a positive relationship – just in case. And he's keeping the door open for other possible projects in the future. 

Other projects? I think Danielle's other project should be keeping her clothes on – well, unless she's behind closed doors and away from TV cameras!

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