EXCLUSIVE: RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Discusses New Jewelry Line

Here at RT, our job is to snark on all things reality television, be it stars, shows, or just general gossip.  I'm not going to lie…it can be a lot of fun, and usually the people, programs, and situations make it super easy to write (hopefully) hilarious blog posts.  However, when one of us is fortunate enough to get to interview one of the reality stars we normally joke about, it's a wake-up call…in a good way!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield about what has been going on in her life now that she is no longer involved with Bravo.  I'll be honest, I was a tad bit nervous.  It's not every day you get to have a conversation with someone you watched religiously on TV, especially when part of your job is to spew humor at her expense.  I'm from a city in South Carolina just two hours from Atlanta, and the ATL was a favorite stomping ground in college and remains a shopping mecca for people in my neck of the woods.  That said, RHOA and its stars have always held a special place in my heart.  I'll likely never eat at RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump's SUR (sigh), but it's really cool to see the women of Atlanta dining and shopping places I've actually been.  Of course, when I graced those restaurants and boutiques I ate a side salad and purchased nada.  🙂

Sorry for digressing, but I felt the need to share part of the reason why I was so excited to chat with Sheree.  She couldn't have been more professional, kind, and gracious.  Sheree dished on her new jewelry line, her plans for the future, her gratitude towards her fans, and her thoughts on RHOA


Sheree has a new jewelry line that launched this week, and she's thrilled to share it with her fans.  She describes the line as being "great pieces that can take you from day to night…pieces you could wear with a white button down shirt or a t-shirt or cocktail attire."  Her line incorporates a lot of gold and bold geometric shapes.  She shares, "It was important for me to try to accomplish a line that looks great and is affordable."

When I asked her about her new project, Sheree was equal parts humble and excited.  She said, "Right now, my main focus is putting my all into this jewelry line.  I'm really excited about it, and I think it's going to do really well.  I think that people will really take to it.  I launched with a small collection for the holidays, Celebrations, but I can't wait for spring.  My true passion and my true interest has always been designing, so this is me getting to live out my dream."

To her fans Sheree wants to express her gratitude, telling me, "I want to thank everyone because I've gotten so much support.  I definitely want to let the fans know that I love and appreciate them.  Without them, this is nothing.  I was part of the Housewives for four seasons, and I am thankful I developed such a great, great fan base, and they are very supportive."

Of course, what I really wanted to know about was whether Sheree has been keeping up with RHOA this season.  I can't say I was shocked by her answer.  She admitted, "I honestly don't.  I have not had a chance to catch it.  Of course in Atlanta people talk about it all the time, but I haven't gotten a chance to catch a full episode.  I watched last week with Kenya [Moore] and her boyfriend.  People are definitely talking…it's like the Kenya show!"  We then laughed about the rumors that Kenya hired Walter for a storyline, but Sheree was very conscious not to say anything negative, she just laughed that she had read that gossip somewhere. 

When asked about her former co-stars, Sheree said she doesn't keep up with the ladies, stating, "Every now and then, I may see Kandi [Burruss] through a mutual friend."

Given that we all watched Kim Zolciak peace out recently, I was curious as to Sheree's take on the situation.  I asked if she had comments on Kim's dramatic exit, to which she replied, "No, no, I heard about it months ago, but how it went down, quit or fired, I don't know.  I just hope she's happy."  I must admit, I am loving the diplomatic Sheree!

Getting back to designing, we will be seeing more stylish pieces from She By Sheree.  Of another clothing line, Sheree revealed, "Yes, that's definitely something I want to do.  Absolutely.  But it takes time…these things don't happen overnight.  I will definitely be coming back with clothing as well." 

She added, "People always want to know what I had in mind when I created with this jewelry collection.  The woman I had in mind when I created this collection is today's woman.  She's active, she's stylish, she's determined, she works hard, she's busy, she cares about her family, she wants it all, and she does it.  She looks great, and she does it while living within her means…she's you, she's me, she's every woman." 

Sheree concluded, "I just want people to know that I'm still here.  Right now, my main focus is the jewelry, and of course my family.  I want to wish everyone a happy holiday and thank them for their love and support."

I really enjoyed my chat with Sheree, and I'm including a link to her jewelry line, as well as some pictures of some of the pieces I will be adding to my jewelry box this holiday season!  You can see it all at SheBySheree.KitsyLane.com


[Photo Credit: Twitter; SheBySheree/Kitsy Lane]

Lanai Bracelet $40


Blee Ring $35


Monet Earrings $40


Jade Necklace $75