This Teen Mom 2 trainwreck just keeps chugging along – with Jenelle Evans in the conductor's seat and we're just her passengers, along for the wild ride.

To recap the past few weeks: Jenelle got married, Jenelle got pregnant, Jenelle dumped new hubby, Jenelle filed assault charges against said hubby, and then Jenelle miscarried her baby

This week, Jenelle moved in with old flame (and formerly accused abuser, necklace stealer, and door-kicker-inner) Gary Head, accused Courtland Rogers of trying to run her off the road and Courtland tried to cozy up to Gary's lovely lady.  Just another 48 hours in the life of Jenelle.


To keep the order of events somewhat under control – Courtland returned to Twitter after a two minute break to taunt Gary with photos that showed Gary's "love" Jade cozying up to Courtland.  He wrote, "Tell Gary I got jade chillin on my lap lmfao. She is sooo much sexier than jenelle lol omg I'm in love thanks Gary !!! 😉 "  Keep these words in mind for the next set of Tweets. 


Shortly after that, Gary responded saying they were all laughing because Jade was not at all interested in Courtland.  "Jade called Jenelle and I right after. We all got a laugh off Courtland. That dudes a lame". 

Courtland must've realized this tactic didn't get a rise out of Jenelle, so he launched into a tirade – including sharing his frustration over Jenelle refusing to speak to him.  Seriously.  "Does anybody find it a coincidence that jenelle moved In with Gary yesterday?? Or is it just me that thinks that is crazy?Wowwwww.  She hasn't even tried to talk this out with me instead she bounced back quick and moved straight in with him and now she is denying shit lol.  Maybe an annulment first then move in with Gary but no!! She jumped on that shit quick like! well now they can both join the circus #freaks." 

And he continued raging.  "So she moves in with the one that really did beat her??? Wow!' I am getting off twitter now!! Everyone take care 😉  And no matter what a kiss is not f***ing as wrong as moving in with my ex while still married! JS ' train wrecks suck they hurt people." 

Courtland must've immediately jumped off Twitter and got into his car because someone tried to run someone off the road, but it's not quite clear WHO is taking blame for the near-vehicle-altercation.  Courtland claims it was Gary and Jenelle, writing "How the f*** can u just do that ?? She is tryphanlin as a mother f***er and how about I seen them yesterday and Gary ran me off the road smh".  

Jenelle's friend blasted back,claiming they filmed the incident.  "@courtyb11 really bro Gary ran you off the road? Your crazy, we have video proof of you trying to run us off the road . #liar".  Really?  Who has their video camera ready to go in a split-second crazy moment like that? #setup?

Later on Gary seems to take credit for the incident.  "@courtyb11 so I ran you off the road. Shouldn't have been around lmao." For the record, Gary says he and Jenelle aren't back together and are staying in the friend zone. 

It's frightening how hard they are all working to intimidate, antagonize and provoke each other. I hope they grow up and knock it off before someone gets hurt FOR REAL next time. 


Photo Credit: Twitter