Another day in the life of the girls of Teen Mom 2's craziness.  I feel like the girls are starting to morph into one another.  Leah Messer Simms Calvert is starting to act a lot like Chelsea Houska when it comes to getting over old boyfriends, and Kailyn Lowry is getting to know the inside of courtroom almost as familiarly as Jenelle Evans.  What is going on with these girls?  Let's get on with it, shall we?

It's been nearly two weeks since Kailyn or Isaac has seen Jo.  The hearing for her Protection From Abuse Order is coming up, and Kailyn is going to see her lawyer to prevent Jo from harassing her.  However, she admits to her friend that she really just filed it to prove her point.  Once at the attorney's office, her lawyer asks that her friend remove Isaac from the meeting so they aren't talking about his dad in front of him.  Kailyn suggests that the pair take anger management classes, and her attorney recommends a co-parenting class the two could take together.  Kailyn's eyes light up at the thought of it…more time with Jo!

At her new digs, Chelsea is caking on the make-up and trying not to think about the fact that Aunt Flo still hasn't made her monthly visit.  She hasn't talked to Adam since they hooked up, but Chelsea can't worry about him as it's her first day of beauty school and Aubree's first day of daycare.  She is such a cute little girl, and I only hope that her mother's whining won't screw her up for years to come.  You can practically see the excitement in Aubree's eyes as she's passed off to the daycare administrator.  "Freedom!"

It's hard for Jenelle to focus on schoolwork now that Kieffer's out of jail.  She explains to a friend that she would probably be with Kieffer if Gary wasn't in the picture, but Kieffer isn't what is best for her.  Gary has a job and a car, so he's clearly the mature choice. 


Leah is talking to Kayla about her miscarriage.  She's cuddled up on the sofa with her girl chat as the twins play and torment the poor family dog.  Leah is upset that Corey wasn't more emotional about the fact she lost her baby.  She admits she's been having inappropriate conversations about pursuing a relationship with Corey, and they even spoke about it while she was pregnant.  Leah tells Kayla that if Corey wanted to get back together, she wouldn't hesitate to leave Jeremy

Kailyn is starting to worry that if she takes Jo to court it could jeopardize their future co-parenting relationship.  She shares with Javi that things would be easier if Jo didn't still live at home.  He's got his whole family to support him, and she's got no one.  Cry me a river.  At his parents' house, Jo is filling in his brother on the state of affairs with his ex.  Jo's lawyer is confident the PFA will be dropped, but he knows that his relationship with Kailyn needs to change to make things work for Isaac.  He doesn't believe they can try to have a friendship at this point…their interaction needs to be strictly about their son. 


It's only her first day in beauty school, but Chelsea's eyes are already glazing over from the big words.  Her instructor leads an icebreaker, but Chelsea whines that she's horrible at meeting new people.  She's emotional about leaving Aubree until she meets other students in similar situations.  Beauty school isn't going to be a cake walk.  Take notes, Chelsea–put that pen to paper, girl! 

Barbara and Jace have moved into a new house, and Jenelle goes over to visit the new digs.  Could Jace be any more precious?  The following day, Jenelle is having a date with Gary, and she discusses the Kieffer debacle with her new beau.  She assures him that she isn't going to leave him for Kieffer.  Jenelle needs a better influence, and she thinks Gary is the man for the job…she just hopes he won't get deployed any time soon.

For some odd and unknown reason (it couldn't have anything to do with her being in love with her ex-husband, cough, cough), things between Jeremy and Leah are weird.  Over dinner, she asks if he's up for the challenge of being a step-dad to twins, and he reminds her that he's moved with them and proposed after mere months.  She then jokes about what a stalker Jeremy was on her Facebook before the two got together.  They try to have a mature (is anything Leah does mature?) conversation about slowing down their relationship while the girls squeal and laugh in the background.  Poor Jeremy.  He is so nice.

Day one of beauty school was a success, as was Aubree's time at day care.  Chelsea is shocked to learn that her daughter napped…she never naps at home.  Really?  Aren't naps standard for toddlers?  Chelsea shares her day's triumphs with her mom.  Her mother wonders if Adam knows that Chelsea has gone back to school…Chelsea doesn't know and she certainly doesn't care.  Yeah, sure.


It's time to face off with Jo in court, and Kailyn is curious as to what will happen.  She gets ready for the hearing while Javi takes Isaac to daycare.  So, let me get this straight.  Her boyfriend of a week and a half can drive around Isaac on his own, but Jo's long time girlfriend can't even be in the same vicinity as the child?  Kailyn's double standards make me laugh.  At Jo's house, Jo's parents are chalking up this court date to Kailyn's jealousy and insecurities.  Ding, ding, ding!  Kailyn is pissed to learn that Jo has a lawyer and witnesses.  She knows that his family didn't see anything.  Her friend tries to calm her so that she doesn't look like a loose cannon to the judge.  KaIlyn's attorney recommends that she and Jo come to an agreement before seeing the judge.  She suggests dropping the PFA and have the two go to co-parenting counseling.  As for Isaac exchanges, no significant others can be present.

Leah's back on her birth control, and she wishes she knew what was going on in Corey's head.  Meanwhile, Corey's dad is trying to advise his son against trying to reconcile with Leah.  Corey is still upset over the demise of their relationship, but his dad urges him to try to move forward with his life.

Jenelle gets a phone call from her friend Tori who tells Jenelle she had sex with Gary mere hours before Gary and Jenelle started dating.  Jenelle is hurt that it's been four months and Gary wasn't ever planning to tell her.  Of course, this will be Jenelle's excuse to fall back in with Kieffer and drugs.  Gary tries to make amends, but Jenelle isn't entertaining any of his apologies. 


Chelsea is blowing off her homework to worry about her potential pregnancy.  She's weirded out by the scare, but she tells her friend she's prepared to be a mom again if she is preggers.  Prepared?  I am not sure that is the right word for me to use…

Corey calls to Leah to profess his "kind of feelings" for her.  I adore Corey, but either poo or get off the pot.  Stop all the back and forth, halfway, shenanigans.  It isn't doing either of them any favors.  He admits that he broke up with his recent girlfriend because he still likes her, and he can picture her and the twins at his new house.  Leah like, tells Corey, she's like, with Jeremy, and she like, doesn't know what, to like say.  That night, Leah reveals to Jeremy that she is still confused about her feelings for Corey.  She pouts to Jeremy that he's never home because of his job, so what does he expect her to do?  Jeremy hopes she makes up her mind really soon.  I hope Jeremy grows some cajones really soon…but we all know that never happens.

The judge has accepted Kailyn and Jo's agreement, and Jo's lawyer explains to him the stipulations for said agreement.  Kailyn is hoping the pair can be civil again soon, although she's still mad that his family was with him in court.  She's upset that Jo refused to look at her.  Can she blame him?

Gary comes to Jenelle's house to talk to her, but she wants him to take his stuff and go.  We learn that Gary had only known Jenelle and Tori for a few hours before his "indiscretion" occurred.  She wants him to take his stuff, and she starts throwing his possessions and breaking his things as he begs her to stop.  She finally breaks down in tears as he leaves.  There's the Jenelle we all know!

Next week, Kailyn is surprised when she gets the cold shoulder from Jo when the pair exchanges IsaacChelsea is thrilled to finally get her period, and Jenelle falls back into a toxic relationship with KiefferJeremy threatens to leave a confused Leah.


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