Love & Hip Hop Recap: If The Shoe Fits


On last night's Love & Hip Hop, we were treated with more of the same.  Flashy characters and quality production can't save the boring story lines, and it's unfortunate.  There was some potential in the beginning, but now it just makes me yawn. 

Rich Dollaz is once again meeting with Pete Gunz, and Rich is ready for his mentor's "I told you so's" about Erica Mena.  He tells his friend that the pair has broken up but he'd still like to manage her career.  Pete still thinks his friend is crazy.  His opinion on Erica being a loose cannon hasn't changed, and Pete doesn't think that she respects Rich.  Rich knows he can harness her talent, so Pete brings out the big Gunz guns, showing him a picture online of Erica hosting a party.  As her manager, Rich should have known about the gig, and he should be getting a cut of it.  Rich is livid and humiliated that she would go behind his back, and Pete urges his friend to end their business partnership after already ending their romantic one.

Lore'l is still hurt about what Winter Amos wrote in her book.  She claims that Winter lied when she said Lore'l didn't write her own raps.  Needing some emergency career advice, Lore'l schedules an emergency meeting with Yandy Smith.  Discussing the book reading, Yandy is impressed that Lore'l was able to maintain her composure in light of all of Winter's allegations.  She also believes that Lore'l is talented and marketable, and she offers to mentor her.  Score one for Lore'l!


Joe Budden is going to see Tahiry Jose at work to find out why she went off on Kaylin.  Tahiry tries to explain her stance, and the two argue over who is still pining for who and who does what for whom when not asked by the other.  You follow?  Joe thinks that Tahiry is too old to act like she did, and she goes off on how she used to pay for all of his meals and haircuts while he was struggling to break into the industry.  Joe claims to speak only from a logical standpoint, but it is totally manipulative.  He invites Tahiry to join he and Kaylin in a threesome…it's the least she can do for going off on his girlfriend.  Geez, he is something else!


Erica is getting her VIP club treatment on (if one can actually get that on) when Rich and Pete decide to crash her little hosting party.  What in the world is she wearing?  Rich had better watch out or he's going to end up with a black eye from one off her bosoms.  When Rich questions how Erica got the gig, she giggles and tells him that the club tried to talk to him first but he was unreachable.  As he gets more and more angry, she comes up with excuses as to why she had to book the event behind his back.  She doesn't understand that these piddly parties make Rich lose credibility.  He wants her to be booking bigger and better things, not getting bottle service and enough money for a new pair of shoes.  Rich tells her he's done managing her, and since they don't have a contract, he's taking back her record as well.  Erica knows he's just angry…or is he?

Speaking of shoes, Rashidah Ali reminds us that she's a shoe consultant to the stars.  Sure she is.  She wishes that everyone would stop only focusing on the fact that she sliced up a bouncer's face at some bar.  That's so old news, people!  Rashidah maintains that she is innocent of the violent assault from two years ago, and it's finally her day in court.  She's found not guilty, and Rashidah feels totally vindicated.

Yandy and Mendeecees Harris are heading to the movies, and they stop by Winter's to discuss the book.  She is busy working on an event for Rashidah's shoe line.  Mendeecees remembers the redheaded (to put it mildly) Rashidah as a real estate agent who owes him money for something that happened years ago…and he may have mentioned that he bleeped her.  Sometimes Mendeecees is funny.  I find it easier to be entertained by him now that I know he's not a child molester.  Yandy and Winter discuss Lore'l's career.  Winter wants to see her succeed, but she warns Yandy not to be her friend.  Um, I think that if anyone has proven to be a bad friend out of the two it would be the hip-hop Danielle Steele!  Yandy is concerned that because her name is in the book's introduction people will think that she agrees with Winter's airing of dirty laundry.  Before she even has to ask, Winter offers to take out Yandy's name.

Kaylin is treated to a shopping spree courtesy of Joe.  He wants to butter her up before he tells her that he went to see Tahiry.  Joe is impressed how well Kaylin takes the news.  She doesn't want to be jealous, and she thinks that Joe should try to appease Tahiry by offering her a musical gift.  I'm assuming she is now okay with him rapping on her song.  Kaylin knows that Joe will be with her at the end of the day, and Tahiry isn't going to change that.

Jen Bayer is whining to her best friend about how much she misses decorating for Christmas due to Consequence's religion.  Even though Cons' spiritual leader has advised him to compromise, he isn't really digging on sharing any Christmas cheer in the couple's home.  Jen is in tears.  She explains that she doesn't necessarily want to teach Caden the religious aspects of the holiday, but she wants to instill in him the importance of family traditions.

Raqi Thunda is meeting with Yandy to fill in her friend about her "apology" to Cons.  As y'all recall, it didn't go well.  Raqi is such an exaggerator, is she not?  Yandy has to cover Rashidah's shoe launch for a magazine for which she works, and she invites Raqi to join her.  Raqi isn't Rashidah's biggest fan.  Yandy is confused as to why everyone who knows Rashidah has horrible things to say about her.  Raqi dishes on Rashidah's alleged credit fraud and the infamous face cutting.  Yandy is prepared to give Rashidah the press that Yandy thinks she deserves based on the opening.


Rich meets with Erica, and he really wants her to understand that he will no longer be managing her.  Erica blames her behavior on her trust issues and the fact that she's a single mom.  She wants to be hands on with her career, but she still doesn't understand why the concept of a contract is so important.  Erica flirts her way back into Rich's good graces, and when she leaves, I think he has a new artist and a girlfriend.  He is thinking with the wrong head, that's for sure.

Winter and Lore'l are having a sit down to hash out about what Winter wrote in her tell-all.  Winter tries to apologize for her behavior at the reading, but she isn't sorry for what she wrote.  Lore'l goes off on her former friend, and Winter is quick to offer to take out her name.  What?  Winter is quite confusing.  I can't tell if she's nice or underhanded.


Poor Jen is the subject of a sad holiday montage.  It's supposed to be the happiest time of the year, so why is she so down about not having a tree or presents to unwrap?  She decides to plead her case again with Cons.  He understands that Jen just wants traditions and memories, but he isn't willing to be a participant.  All Jen wants is for Caden to get to open some presents and have some warm times with her family.  Cons doesn't mind (although he totally had me fooled) if Jen does that as long as her family doesn't take their son to mass.

Rashidah is excited to unveil her new shoe line.  Winter is chatting with her friend, and she stirs the pot about the things that Mendeecees said at her house the other day.  Rashidah is glad that Yandy will be attending her event so that she can ask why Yandy's man has her name in his mouth.  Yandy is introduced to Rashidah, and Rashidah goes off on what Winter told her, calling Mendeecees a clown.  Yandy jokes that he's not clown as she's standing here with Ronald McDonald.  Yandy keeps it classy and refuses to entertain any drama.  She doesn't care that Mendeecees lost some money to her, and Rashidah seems perturbed that she can't rattle Yandy.


Next week, Erica goes to Yandy for advice on love and career as it relates to all things RichRashidah accuses Raqi of talking smack about her, Yandy gets on Mendeecees about putting her is such a situation which Rashidah.  Rich hits a nerve when he gives Erica's song to another artist.  


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