Teen Mom 2 Recap: Goin’ To The Courthouse, And We’re Gonna Get Married…


Last night we were treated to two marriage themed episodes of Teen Mom.  So as to not cause our readers to overdose on all things Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer Sims Calvert, we're splitting up the recaps.  It's just our way of letting our wonderful readers recoup from one hour of the train wreck to the next.  All in all, it was a night of proposals, weddings, and tears made in MTV heaven. 

Jenelle and Gary are back in full romance mode, and her roommate questions whether Jenelle truly loves Gary or if she just hates being alone.  Jenelle assures her that she isn't with Gary just because he's in the military and will make good money.  He's good with Jace, and she just doesn't have the energy to look for another relationship.  Jenelle admits that they both pick fights on purpose because they love the drama.  All of those are wonderful reasons to stay with someone, right?  Her roommate begs Jenelle not to accept any marriage proposals from Gary because the two clearly aren't ready to get married.  Jenelle can't make any promises.

Speaking of marriage, Leah and Gary really want to get a loan on their dream house, and they are considering getting married at the courthouse before their actual planned wedding ceremony.  She informs her mom of their plan, and her mom is fine with their plan.  Her mom wants her to tell Corey beforehand, but she's excited when Leah asks her to be a witness.  After chatting with her mom, Leah shares her early wedding plans with her sister.


After their blow-up, Kailyn and Javi are getting along much better.  Can Kailyn get a slow clap for keeping things together for a week?  The pair talk about how great they're doing when Javi explains that he is considering joining the Air Force.  Kailyn is concerned about how much they would have to move if he followed through with his plan…after all, she has a custody agreement with Jo to keep in mind.  Javi promises to ask all of their questions when he meets with a recruiter.


Chelsea is upset with Adam's barrage of texts where he pretends to be father-of-the-year when his new girlfriend is around.  He and his new lady Taylor are getting ready to drop off Aubree, but he reminds Chelsea that he'll soon have more time with his daughter when they go to court.  Yeah, keep thinking that!  Chelsea has never kept their daughter from him…he just refuses to see Aubree for weeks at a time.  I am so happy to see Chelsea respond with anger and confidence instead of whining that Adam has found someone else.  This stronger version of Chelsea is much more likeable!  Adam drops off Aubree without even speaking to Chelsea, and I'm proud of her for not engaging in any drama.  Chelsea's friend caught a glimpse of the girlfriend and reveals to Chelsea that she isn't cute…and she was wearing a headband AND a ponytail.  Gag.


Jenelle and Gary take Jace sightseeing for the day, and they drop him off with Barbara after a fun-filled day.  Once they get back to Jenelle's house, Gary wants to talk to Jenelle privately about how great they are doing.  Jenelle, of course, has to take every opportunity to bring up Kieffer.  Because talking about her ex-boyfriend is super romantic, Gary drops to one knee and proposes to Jenelle.  After checking out his ring offering, Jenelle agrees to marry him.  These girls are insufferable.

Javi fills in Kailyn on his interview with the Air Force recruiter.  Besides the fact that he keeps giving Kailyn fourth and fifth chances, Javi seems to be one smart and responsible guy.  He broaches the subject of marriage, and Kailyn reminds him that she's facing mediation or a trial regarding Isaac's custody if they end up getting married.  They decided to see how Javi does on the enterance exam before making any further plans about their future.

The night before Leah and Jeremy plan to head to the courthouse, she calls her ex-husband to share her plans.  Corey is understandably shocked, and Leah wants him to know that Jeremy will be the father figure when he's not around.  Corey wants to know if she's implying that he isn't a good father.  Leah accuses him of being immature, and he thinks she's lashing out since they weren't able to reconcile.  She hangs up on him, and it's obvious to everyone buy Jeremy that he still has the ability to get under her skin. 

Mere hours after asking Jenelle to think twice before accepting Gary's proposal, the couple shares their exciting news with Jenelle's roommate.  She is openly skeptical, but she hopes Jenelle and Gary can actually make it to the alter.  Jenelle calls Barbara knowing her mom will be very happy at this turn of events.  While Barbara like Gary, she's concerned about how much Jenelle and Gary fight.  Well, Jenelle says, it is what it is, and hopefully they can make things work.  Everyone at least agrees that Gary is good with Jace


Dining with friends, Adam brags about how he silently dropped off Aubree with Chelsea.  He also tells the story of how he texted his new girlfriend to tell her he was bringing over a surprise…and that surprise was Aubree.  Really?  I'd be appalled that he hid his child from his girlfriend in order to do such a dramatic reveal until I realize that this chick is clearly only dating Adam because she knows he's on television.  She's long been aware of Aubree's existence. 

Leah is getting all dolled up for her courthouse nuptials.  If it's possible, Leah's mother is even tanner than she is.  He mom takes the twins so that Jeremy and Leah can go pick up their rings.  Leah has texted to Corey to see if he's alright.  Jeremy doesn't care about their text exchange, but she feels the need to read it to him, and she sounds like she's on the verge of tears as she reads Corey's words.  Jeremy lightens the mood by making fun of his bride-to-be's braces.

Over lunch, Kailyn tells a friend that she and Javi are taking Isaac to Las Vegas to see a friend.  If Javi passes his enterance exam, they may just get married there.  When the friend asks Kailyn if she's in love with Javi, she gives a less than covincing "yeah."  Her friend doles out some very good advice, but Kailyn seems to be half listening.  Kailyn then starts talking to Isaac about how he'll be moving with mommy and Javi and only see daddy in the summer time.  Isn't that what you want, Isaac?  Awful.

Barbara meets with Jenelle and Gary, and she urges them not to rush into marriage.  She even says that if things work out for the pair, she's be happy letting Jace live with them…far, far in the future, of course.  Barbara wakes up her grandson so he can visit with Jenelle and Gary.  He's so precious.

Chelsea takes Aubree to her dad's house, and she cries about Adam's new change of heart and his threats about taking her to court.  He reminds his daughter that Adam only does things to purposely hurt her.  Chelsea wishes that she had allowed Adam to sign over his rights when he wanted to, and her dad tries to remind her of the blessings in her life.  I truly feel badly for Chelsea during this scene.

It's time for Javi's exam, and Isaac is spending the weekend with Jo.  He and Kailyn are both confident he will pass with flying colors.  Unfortunately, his test gets postponed, but Javi is still ready to get married.  Kailyn doesn't want to rush into anything…she now thinks they should just go have fun in Vegas instead of planning to wed. 


Leah and Jeremy pick out their wedding bands at the mall before heading to the courthouse to get their marriage license.  At a nearby wedding chapel, the couple says their vows.  Jeremy tears up, and all I can think about is that this is the second time their twins have seen their mother get married…and they are barely two years old. 

The next episode aired immediately after last night's insanity, but , as I said earlier, we're saving that recap for you until tomorrow, just to spread out the Teen Mom love!  🙂


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