Andy Cohen Dishes About The Gay Presence On Television; Rates Jeff Lewis, Jill Zarin, And Mama Elsa In A Game Of Marry, Shag, Kill!

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Andy Cohen makes my heart smile.  He does.  I think he's honest and funny, and he seems like one of those celebrities that if you approached him at McDonald's, he'd be totally friendly and let you take a picture with him.  In my VERY limited experience, those celebrities are few and far between.  Terry O' Quinn (John Locke from Lost) is on the nice list.  A certain "Show me the money!" Oscar winner who filmed a straight to video flick in my college town after said Oscar win…not so much.  Basically, I heart Andy and have aspirations of being the bartender in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse.  Too much to ask?

The Kind of Bravo recently did a book signing at Georgia Tech in Atlanta for his memoir Most Talkative.  While there, he answered questions about gay people on television and his love life.  Andy also plays a fabulous round of Marry, Shag, Kill.  He's awesome.


Project Q Atlanta reports on Andy's visit where he took part in a casual interview.  When asked if his Bravo presence made was a good thing for the gay community, the humble Andy shares, "I think any representation of gay people on TV ultimately winds up positively because you realize, 'Oh wait, that guy, I like him, and he happens to be gay, so maybe I think differently about this.'"

Andy continues, "The gay people are on Bravo are not on because they're gay, but rather because they are good at something whether it's an interior designer or a designer or a chef…and they just happen to be gay." 

When discussing the progressing movement of homosexuals on television, Andy praises the reality show that put Bravo on the map, saying, "Queer Eye [for the Straight Guy] is the show that really changed everything," adding, "I'm proud of every representation of a gay person that Bravo has had from the Fashion Queens of Atlanta to Carson Kressley."

Candidly chatting about his personal life, Andy reveals that he's not in love at the moment although he has been in the past.  He also says one of his proudest achievements is the popularity of WWHL.  Andy explains, "It's so personal to me…If you watch it, and you get it, then we're friends.  We get each other."  That's the best news I've heard in ages.  Andy Cohen considers us to be imaginary friends too!  I knew we were kindred.

When asked by an audience member to play a round of marry, shag, or kill involving Jeff Lewis, Mama Elsa, and Jill Zarin (fab question, by the way!), Andy reminded everyone that "it's just a game, you have to answer" after admitting he'd shag Jeff, marry Elsa, and kill Jill.  I do so love Andy Cohen.


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