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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Reunion Part 3: Adriana De Moura’s Tears And Marysol Patton’s Liver Letter

Everyone raise one last mojito because it’s time to finally bid farewell to the masterpiece that is Real Housewives of Miami Season 5. The Miami ladies just continued to gift us with amazing TV all season long and we never wanted it to end. Thankfully, the reunion was one final hurrah that gives us closure to a season well done.

RHOM Season 5 had a lot to unpack, so it’s no wonder it took a three-part reunion to do so. Adriana De Moura finally confronted her issues with Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria and boy is it a rollercoaster ride. Plus, we get one last appearance from a new (and significantly looser) Larsa Pippen and her petty behavior. Here are five of the main takeaways from the RHOM Season 5 Reunion Part 3.

Lisa Finally Gets A Fresh Start

The reunion picks back up after Kiki Barth reveals that she has known for years that Lenny Hochstein was a cheater. She attended their infamous parties well before her friendship with Lisa Hochstein began, and she claims to even know some of the women he cheated with in the past. Lisa, rightfully, isn’t shocked. She realizes that for years she made excuses about rumors she was hearing, even though Lenny knew the parties made her uncomfortable.

As Season 5 comes to a close, it really feels like a fresh start for Lisa. She’s got a new man and new confidence. She credits her RHOM co-stars for helping her in her darkest hour, especially Larsa. She even revealed that Larsa was the person who made phone calls to get Katharina Mazepa’s restraining order dropped against Lisa. To be fair, Larsa admits it was partially for selfish reasons. If Lisa had a restraining order on her, it’d be hard for the two of them to go out on the town in Miami. Regardless, Lisa is moving on from the Lenny chapter and into a happier one. She’s not even given up on the idea of getting married again, just to someone who isn’t a certified narcissist.

Adriana’s Ludicrous Liver Letter

In a season of ridiculous antics, Adriana takes the cake at the reunion. She and Marysol begin to unpack their friendship-ending issues, mainly Adriana’s offhand comment about the Cockie Queen’s ex. The accusations being thrown left and right are pretty bad, but Adriana takes it up a notch when she pulls out a letter she wants Andy Cohen to read out loud. The letter is from someone being “abused” day and night by Marysol who is worried she will kill them. The letter signs off as being sent by “Marysol’s Liver.” My jaw is on the floor. I have to agree with Marysol and Alexia that it’s a pretty stupid move. Even Andy knew it was just so horrible, but he still wanted to keep the letter for his Bravo novelty collection.

Adriana also stands up to hand Marysol a list of rehab centers and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Girl, it’s bad taste, especially when you’re begging Marysol to be your friend again. The timing of the joke is horrible and it left little hope that peace would be reached among the group. “Andy wants to go, home bro,” Marysol responds to Adriana’s antics. The Miami girls, there is truly no group like them.

Loose Larsa’s Last Hurrah

Larsa isn’t the focus of any segment in the third part of the RHOM reunion, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make it about herself. Larsa takes up as Alexia’s hypeman during the episode. When Alexia is talking smack about Anthony Lopez and Nicole Martin, Larsa chimes in out of nowhere to scream that Anthony is a “b-tch.” Andy also brings up Larsa’s horrible vacation braids and asks if it was cultural appropriation. “I’m not white so I don’t know,” Larsa responded. Now, I’ve never seen Larsa do a 23&Me test, but I’m just going to say that her response was a CHOICE. And it probably wasn’t the best one.

Larsa continues to butt in everywhere she can. Adriana tries to clap back and tell her frenemy to stay out of her business, but Petty Pippen has none of it. “Everything’s about me, shut up,” Larsa quipped. She never stopped. Andy acknowledged that Larsa seems to have loosened up when it comes to filming and Larsa responds “too loose,” which I think is the perfect way to sum up her season.

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Marysol Embraces Her Spiritual Side

Marysol has quite the episode. The breakdown of her friendship with Adriana is just so much to follow. Marysol breaks down in tears because she feels so hurt by someone who was her friend. Adriana keeps saying sorry and that her comment about her ex-boyfriend was bad judgment. However, Marysol seems to have decided that Adriana is on the dark side. Adriana breaks down about her emotional state and lack of self-esteem, and Marysol has little empathy. She tells Adriana she’ll be there along the way for her healing journey, which is a glimpse of hope for this longtime friendship.

Marysol embraces her spiritual side in this episode. Maybe it’s because there was a lot of Mama Elsa talk, which always brings out a different side of her. Marysol says that after not feeling her mom for months, she felt her presence on the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip to Thailand. She describes what it feels like when her mom is near and reflects on their close relationship. Marysol has always been spiritual but this seems different and more genuine. Hopefully, it does bring her peace and sets up the opportunity for her and Adriana to mend things in the future.

Alexia Is One Stubborn Barbie

Alexia, on the other hand, isn’t so quick to be forgiving. She believes Adriana is nothing but a fraud who is her enemy. They rehash drama from literally decades ago that remains unresolved. Adriana cannot apologize enough for her comment about Frankie Rosello, but it just hits too close to home with Alexia. Considering Alexia is working on building Frankie’s independence and handling the emotional toll of that, it’s not surprising she’s not prioritizing re-friending Adriana. The episode ends on a somewhat positive note, but the Cuban Barbie sure doesn’t forget people who’ve crossed her. I don’t think she’ll be so quick to forgive, either.

Alexia talks a lot about the benefits of RHOM. Mainly, the show connected her with the De Moya Foundation, which is ultimately helping Frankie’s progress. She breaks down when Andy brings up the scene of Frankie being scared to take an Uber and it’s just so raw to see. She admits that through all of her hardships, she’s never been to therapy. Andy and the RHOM cast encourage her to work on healing from all the trauma, which sounds like great advice. Maybe the Cuban Barbie can go full Teresa Giudice and embrace the namaste in Season 6.


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