***Spoiler Alert**** If you haven't watched tonight's episode of RHOC, you may not want to read this until you do! Also, please link to us if you use our quotes/transcription from the show, we would do the same for you… 

Tamra Barney and her purple streaked hair stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse tonight and there was a whole lot of defensive denial flying around.  Also, 51% of viewers thought Tamra deserved the title of Mean Girl after tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  Stay tuned for Mary's recap of that mess tomorrow!

Of course, the buzz of the night was Tamra's treatment of co-star Alexis BellinoAndy kicks off the show with a call for Tamra (also in the clubhouse tonight is Dr. V from L.A. Shrinks).  The caller asks "Did you allow Alexis to come just so you could kick her out?" Tamra explains, "Absolutely not.  No, [I let her come] because Vicki and I were trying to rekindle our friendship"

Tamra defends her actions at the party, "I don't feel I treated her poorly that day. I had to be honest with myself and with her. Last time I heard from her, she wanted to sue me. So, then she shows up to my party.  So when I said 'I have to ask you why ARE you here?'.  (Dr V interjects and says Tamra could've done that before the party) Tamra says "I didn't have that chance, I wanted to make Vicki happy."  


Tamra continued, "I didn't have a problem with Alexis being there, but I wanted to be friends with her (Vicki) at the time."  Tamra admits to Dr. V's assessment that she has issues with assertiveness, negotiating and anger.  "I felt bad after the reunion show.  I wanted things to be good.  I don't want her to be singled out. I didn't want her to hurt, so I wanted another chance with her.  I had to be honest with her and say 'why ARE you here?'" 

When Dr. V says that the women acted like bullies, Tamra gets defensive and wants to know why she feels that way.  Tamra squawks, "we never attacked her, we were trying to listen to her.  She had  problem with all of us." 

The two go back and forth about the term bullying.  Tamra says "there are kids in school are being attacked and hurt and I feel like she's a grown woman and she chose to be there."

And then the best call of the night comes in.  Denise, you are the hero of the evening.  Caller Denise asks, "Tamra, do you think you'll ever be happy with yourself and your life and stop being such a mean girl!? Last season it was Gretchen…"  Tamra looked ready to spontaneously combust.  She sniped back, "you know what, Denise? The difference between you and I….I don't play the victim and Gretchen was never a target to me, we had some issues and I'm on a reality show and I'm paid to speak my mind, so I did that.  Am I happy with myself? I'm so freaking happy.  You have no idea. But Denise, are you happy with YOURSELF that you had to call in and ask me that?" 

When asked if she thinks she thinks SHE might be the problem, Tamra responds, "Absolutely. When I have an issue with somebody, I'm gonna bring it up. I'm not gonna suppress it or act like it's not there."  She turns to Andy and says, "I mean, you pay me gooood dollars to be on this show so I speak my mind."

When asked why she could forgive Gretchen and Slade for all the terrible things they said about her, but not Alexis, she shared, "You know what I've come into a time in my life where i need to move on. Gretchen and I came to a point in our friendship that a lot of things had been said and done but the end result is we care about each other. We wanted to move forward and that's what we did."

Tamra divulges that there's definitely some movement in her friendship with Alexis coming up this season. She adds, "I have this tough exterior and there's a reason why I have it, but I also have a soft spot in my heart and I didn't want to see Alexis hurt this season so i do open up to her. I don't want to give away next week's episode, but I did walk into a situation where I heard her hurting and it's something I've gone through and it's also something my son is going through so it kinda broke my heart a little bit."

When asked to give her take on new Housewife Lydia McLaughlin, she says, "I actually love Lydia, I think that Lydia is a breath of fresh air. She brings something a little different to the table. Lydia came off a little strong in the first episode like talking about money – that's not the Lydia i know.  Lydia is down to earth, her husband is amazing, she's a great mom. I think people have to get to know Lydia a bit more."

Tamra says of throwing Alexis out, "I don't think there's a very elegant way to throwing somebody out of a party and I think I got my point across. She wouldn't let anybody else talk"

Then Tamra brings up the fact that Alexis has to be medicated, but she was drinking alcohol.  Andy says maybe Alexis was drinking to calm her nerves.  Tamra snips "so alcohol and Xanax is a good cocktail?"  Dr. V says "no, of course not". Tamra snipes again "so let's just say she's unstable." And then launches into another tirade, "nobody attacked her. She was very good about speaking her mind 'you did this and you did this and you did this'.  She could've said to me at any time, 'I'm here to change things between us and I'm very happy for you about your business.'  And it would've been a great night." Andy defends Alexis and says that she did try to do that at the beginning of the party.  Tamra says "and I did it with her, too"





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