Vicki Gunvalson Defends Bringing Alexis Bellino To Tamra Barney’s Party On Real Housewives of Orange County!


Last week we were treated to part one of Tamra Barney's School of Etiquette and Social Graces. The Real Housewives of Orange County star decided to throw a party at her soon-to-be-gym and somehow the entire cast ended up being there, despite the fact that half of them hate Alexis Bellino and at least 1/3 of them (ahem Gretchen Rossi) hate Vicki Gunvalson

Since it was Vicki who brought Alexis we were treated to several segments of Tarma complaining about Vicki forcing her to allow Alexis to destroy their presence with her fakeness. Anyway, Vicki says she just wanted to bring unity to the divided group. 

"My intentions were 'pure' and I had no ill intent inviting Alexis," Vicki writes in her Bravo blog. "I feel terrible that it ended up the way it did. In hindsight, I might have done things differently if I knew what the outcome would be." 


"Given the fact that we all have been friends, I thought the right thing to do was to ask Tamra if Alexis could come to her party. I didn't know all the reasons why Tamra and Alexis were at odds; I just felt it was a good reason to bring Alexis with me to be my 'girl date.'"

"I didn't want to go by myself because I felt like I really didn't have an anchor or friend there," Vicki explains. "Everything was so new with Tamra and me, and I really didn't know how she would treat me in front of Gretchen. I just didn't want to be put in an awkward situation with them so I was a little apprehensive on going."

"I think Tamra thinks that she has to choose who to talk to or what side to be on, which I don't want for her. That's not my position," Vicki adds. "I don't care if she and Gretchen are friends -– I just have no desire to be around Gretchen and want to stay away from her as much as possible. I wanted to be as cordial as I could be, but I wasn't going to let Gretchen demean me and walk all over me like she has in the past. I'm over it!"

Vicki also claims she had no idea that Gretchen, Tamra, and Heather Dubrow had such deep hatred for Alexis. I mean even though there was pretty much an entire season devoted to it last year! "I was not aware of the reasons why Heather, Gretchen, and Tamra were upset with Alexis. I guess I chose to not to know because it's usually very petty and meaningless and will blow over," Vicki maintains.

"I really dislike how Alexis was treated at the party. Alexis went in with nothing but good intentions, to show Tamra that in spite of their differences she is supporting her gym. That speaks volumes to me. Alexis said to Tamra several times at the dinner table that she would be more than happy to discuss their differences one-on-one and asked that they not to do it in front of everyone," Vicki says in defense of Jesus Barbie.

"However Tamra just wouldn't let it go. It makes me really sad for Alexis. No one has yet to gang up on Tamra, so I really don't think Tamra understands how it feels. I truly hope she never experiences it because it stinks! Whether it's the word 'bully,' or 'ganged up on,' or 'verbally attacked,' or whatever word these women want to use — it's just not nice! However you want to slice and dice it up — it's just plain mean and I wish it would stop." Amen!

Moving on Alexis admits in her own blog that she was "stupid" to be fooled into thinking things would go alright at Tamra's, but she doesn't blame Vicki for anything that went wrong. 

"The night Vicki asked me to go to Tamra's party it took her over 45 minutes to convince me to go," Alexis begins. "Vicki said she felt isolated. That struck a cord with me because that was how I felt last year."

"Tamra had spread horrible rumors about Jim and I. The rumors and hateful gossip had gotten so bad that Jim and I pursued our legal rights and realized we had a case in the matter, but Tamra shut up once I made this known (read my past blogs for details). So I felt Tamra was extending the olive branch when she said I could come to her party."

"Obviously, I was wrong. After seeing it all play out, yes, I was stupid, capital S-T-U-P-I-D," Alexis admits. "Also after watching it all play out, I had a few red flags for Tamra's true intentions."

Alexis continues by saying she was not surprised Gretchen and Heather got involved in the argument. 

Tonight is an all new episode of RHOC and the dinner party drama continues. Poor Alexis is apparently so distraught she needs her happy pills to make the pain of it all go away. I guess Jesus can't cure all ills! 

And just a reminder; RHOC will begin airing at 9/10c next week! So set your alarms. 

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