C. Wonder Celebrates Mother's Day and Caroline Manzo's Let Me Tell You Something Book Launch

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo continues to promote her new book "Let Me Tell You Something..".  Tonight she headed out to NYC to attend a fan book signing at the C. Wonder store, dressed in an outfit from C. Wonder.  Caroline shared, “I definitely have dressed the part of ‘author’ in my fabulous C. Wonder outfit, but I certainly feel like one with all my gracious and loving readers!”

Along with the fans there for autographs, someone brought adorable cupcakes with mini book covers. You can see them in the gallery.  What can I say? I'm a sucker for sweets.  Caroline Tweeted, "Look at the adorable cupcakes @Gtowncupcake made 4 my book signing @cwonderstores! They r miniature book covers + CWonder logo – delicious!"

Albert was on hand and shared, "I’m really proud of her for all she has accomplished and all she will accomplish.”

It looks like things are looking up for the Manzos in 2013.  The boys, Albie and Chris, are partners in a new restaurant, Lauren's business is still going strong and it looks like Caroline's book is a sales hit.  It's like the blissful calm before the storm, right?  That storm being the season premiere of RHONJ in just one month! 




Photo Credit: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for C. Wonder


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