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Tamra Barney recently filmed a segment with San Diego 6 where she talked about CUT Fitness and of course Real Housewives of Orange County. 

Tamra admits her recent gym "opening" which was featured on the show "didn't go as planned," but of course that's not her fault! "I had an unexpected guest and I wasn't speaking to her at the time. And she's threatening me and I thought it was very odd that she wanted to come to my party."

In light of a certain argument with a certain blonde who is often accused of being fake (ahem… Alexis Bellino!), Tamra says:"Being signed up for a reality show, there's the word 'real' in there."


"I think a lot of girls want to show the public a perception that's maybe not true. They wanna look richer… they wanna look – whatever. And I think I just kinda put it out there and I don't really care and I don't have a lot to hide." 

"Take it or leave it," Tamra advises. "Either they love me or they hate me." 

"I'm not one of the originals but close to it. Me and Vicki [Gunvalson] there – still standing," Tamra says. "I will stay on the Housewives until they kick me off." As for the rest of this season, Tamra warns. "It gets worse before it gets better." 

Tamra also confirms her wedding to Eddie Judge is happening – and soon! "We're getting married six weeks from now." Gretchen Rossi recently hinted that her proposal was filmed, and we know Tamra is filming her wedding. Makes me wonder if this is going to be the season finale – or if were in for a RHOC wedding special! 

Moving on in honor of Mother's Day, Alexis and Heather Dubrow tweeted some super cute mommy photos. Alexis as a brunette while she's pregnant with son James and Heather tweeted perfectly made-up hospital photos with each of her children being born. 

The photos are below. Super cute girls! 

In other Alexis news she will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. Yes, you read that correctly. No she's not a guest she's participating in the Celebrity Battle of Jaywalkers alongside Kendra Wilkinson. So if you wanna tune in, let me know who wins!

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"The beginning of my journey into motherhood…8 months preg with James," Alexis tweeted. 


"My babies then and now! #mothersdayweek #throwbackthursday," Heather wrote. 


Alexis preparing for The Tonight Show. Oh heavens… 

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