Two weeks ago Lauri Peterson made a surprise reappearance on Real Housewives of Orange County. It was pretty clear Lauri was there just to stir up trouble as she had an awkward meeting with Tamra Barney that consisted of slamming Vicki Gunvalson behind her back. 

Next week Lauri returns with even more salacious gossip where Vicki is concerned! She's either bored and wants a reality TV career again, broke and wants a reality TV career again, or both! Whatever the case Vicki is not excited to welcome her back in to the fold! 

"Lauri going ring shopping with Tamra was a joke to me," Vicki writes in her blog. "Last time I saw Lauri, she told me how much she couldn't stand Tamra and now she is acting like she is her BFF and confidant. I have no clue why she said what she did about having Tamra taking Donn's wedding ring. I thought that was very classless and very rude."


"When Lauri asked Tamra if I was responsible for her marriage demise with Simon, I wanted to jump thru that TV and give her a piece of my mind. There is NO WAY I was ever responsible for their marriage issues," Vicki insists. "I am the one who told Tamra to stay married to Simon and to get counseling and to do whatever it took to save their relationship. Tamra can attest to this and for her to insinuate anything BUT that is a blatant lie and furthermore for Tamra not sticking up for me was just plain wrong."

Vicki is also shocked by Lauri's allegations that their friendship broke up over Vicki's jealousy over Lauri's marriage. Well I'm sure Vicki was jealous of the AmEx Black Card anyway… 

"When Lauri told Tamra that her and I stopped being friends when she started dating George because I wasn’t happy for her is also a lie. I wanted nothing more than for Lauri to be happy and to find a great man. I had been introduced to Lauri several years before we Season 1 through a mutual friend of ours," Vicki explains.

"I really liked Lauri and thought we were good friends and so when she reached out to me and asked me to help her get into the insurance business I was flattered and was all about helping her," Vicki continues. "Lauri worked with me for a couple of years, however she never really had the desire or passion to make insurance selling her career. I think I was just a stepping stone to her next relationship or marriage."

Vicki also says she was thrilled for Lauri that she met George, but certain revelations about him is what truly led to the demise of their friendship! 

"The real reason why Lauri got upset with me is from while she was dating George — which you'll have to watch to see. The truth is I was trying to protect her and not hurt her when I was told some 'not so nice' information about George that I did not feel the need to pass on to her," Vicki recalls. "I was trying to protect her, but it backfired and I thought it was over and done with as this happened over seven years ago. Lauri is bitter…"

Vicki also discusses Tamra's announcement that she attempted suicide after her first divorce. Apparently Vicki never knew! "I think she did fabulous and am very proud of her," Vicki says of Tamra's speech. "When she mentioned she attempted suicide at the age of 21, I was very shocked and sad to hear this. I never knew this about Tamra, as any attempt on ending your life is only a cry for help. I'm glad to know that she did get professional help and I was somewhat surprised that she never told me about this before."

Quick Question: Why does Lauri look so refried and KFC extra-crispy left under the heat lamp too long. Girl needs a deep condition and a super intense moisturizer. 

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