Jill Zarin Says Bethenny Frankel “Has No Heart”; Claims Andy Cohen “Hates” Her & Ramona Singer’s Husband Wants Her!

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Jillusional Zarin is my favorite. I mean really – she's like a walking advertisement for why 15 minutes of fame is never worth it! 

Ever since getting fired from Real Housewives of New York, Jill has been desperate to get back in the public eye and attempted a series of TV appearances to entice the public that she's really, really popular.

It didn't work so now she's resorting to slamming former BFF Bethenny Frankel. “She’s a scarecrow," Jill describes. "She has no heart.”

Although I don't disagree with much of what Jill is saying, it's ironic that after years of her saying she misses Bethenny and regrets their friendship falling apart, immediately after Bethenny files for divorce and starts majorly slipping in popularity here is Jill changing her tune!

Let's see what else Jill has to say – it's amazing!


Jill tells GossipDavid in an interview that must have been conducted after he spiked her Diet Coke, that Bethenny's is headed for a nervy b, Ramona Singer's marriage is in trouble, and that Andy Cohen despises her. "Andy hates me and I really don’t know why," Jill insists. 

"I didn’t leave [RHONY] on bad terms," Jill says "[Bravo] They tried to create drama. I’m sorry to disappoint but there’s not much to say."

And of course she comments on all the recent RHONY casting drama! "That show is so over," Jill scoffs. "Nobody watches it or talks about it anymore."

"Now they can’t get themselves arrested. They can’t get into the weeklies. Nobody wants to write about them," she adds. As for the new Housewives, Jill "feels bad" for them. "They will never really be real Housewives."

As for all the arguments about salaries,"I think what they should get is based on ratings." And Jill believes another recasting is in store. "I bet you one thing: None of them will be there in 12 months. They’ll quit. I give everyone 12 months before they quit or get fired.”

On Bethenny, her divorce, their friendship, and her talk show: 

"I’m pretty sure if I was a guest on her show I’d be the most-watched episode, like when I was on Andy’s show, on Watch What Happens Live. Is she doing a show like Jerry Springer? I think Bethenny would be a great Jerry Springer." #SHADE So much amazing shade. Bow down, bitches!

"My mother told Bethenny she was never going to be happy going down that road," Jill says on Bethenny's marriage. 

"Jason [Hoppy] knew exactly what he was getting himself into. I don’t have any sympathy for him. He bought it lox, stock and barrel."

"She was auditioning him for the role of a lifetime. And as predicted, she ate him up and spit him out, that’s what Bethenny does. She eats them up and spits them out. And she’s going to do it on her talk show. It doesn’t mean she won’t be successful, she will be successful. But she will go through many producers."

Jill also predicts Bethenny Going Crazy will be her next venture! "I bet Bethenny is exhausted though, she’s probably ready for a nervous breakdown," Jill says. "I never could understand how Bethenny could do it all, and I was right. You can’t do it all. Something’s going to fall apart. First, the marriage fell apart."

Dang, does Jill know how to read ol Bethie like a book! 

​On Pinot: "I run in to Ramona quite a bit, and we’re good."

As for Mario Singer, they're not so good! "Her husband seems to have an obsession, an unhealthy obsession with me. A friend of mine happened to have been at a bar Saturday night, and called me Sunday morning. He said, 'Jill you’re not going to believe what happened. I defended you.'"

He said that [Ramona’s husband] Mario was there, without Ramona, and he wouldn’t stop talking about me. He was just saying not nice things about me. He [my friend] defended me. And he told Mario to stop talking about me. Then he said Mario turned purple from embarrassment, because he realized how he sounded."

"He’s got the hots for me," Jill insists. "Ramona would be very upset if she knew about it. I think they have their own problems. I don’t think she would be very happy it. He needs to get therapy for that." Based on the fact that he is married to Ramona, I could possibly believe he is attracted to Jill too… 

Surprisingly Jill reveals that she is still friends with NeNe Leakes, who recently defended veteran HW on WWHL.

"I’m invited to NeNe’s wedding," Jill shares.

And she is proud of what NeNe has accomplished. "I think she’s taking her 15 minutes of fame, and blowing it up, good for her, and she making millions of dollars now. Good for her, she’s getting her revenge on whoever in her life she wanted to say I told you so to."

As for her future in reality TV, Jill dismisses it as "too much work," and says although she has two possible shows in the works (including a talk show!) she doesn't want to be the sole focus of a television venture! Uhhh… 

"I don’t want to do my own thing. I like ensembles, let’s put it that way," Jill dismisses. "Because I never want to be the only one. Too much pressure. I never wanted my own show for that reason." 

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