EXCLUSIVE Preview Of Tonight’s Real Housewives of New Jersey Episode; Plus More Behind The Scenes Info!


Ready for a juicylicious Real Housewives of New Jersey scoop? 

Tonight's episode the plot will mostly center around Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo facing off for the first time since last season's "Disgrace" argument in Napa. The former friends, turned frienemies, turned total enemies will meet to try and mend Teresa's relationship with poor, widdle Poison

Tom Murro's source EXCLUSIVELY reveals that the main point of contention will be Teresa's continued friendship with Kim D. Caroline presses Teresa about why she would remain friends with Kim given her involvement in the Posche Fashion Show set-up with Melissa Gorga last season.


The source reveals that "all the ladies" were aware of what was going on, regardless of what they are presenting in the press. "Everyone knew," the source reiterates. Furthermore, Kim D has been asked to return with a purpose this season and is earning A LOT more than the standard 'Friends of the Housewives' character's salary, but it's "not above six-figures." 

The sit-down between Caroline and Teresa took place at a place called the Ho-Ho-Kus Inn & Tavern. Explaining her friendship with Kim, Teresa reveals that Poison has apologized to Kim for his behavior at the Posche show. 

Apparently Teresa and Kim are "legitimate friends" and hang out all the time away from the cameras. "They are very close and they always support each other," the source shares. "They're very tight. Neither of them will say a bad thing about the other ever." 

Teresa also asks Caroline about her relationship with Dina Manzo. Caroline reveals the two are still not speaking, but the reason for the argument is never revealed. Our source says Dina has never explained what led to the issues between the two and avoids the subject if it is brought up. 

The other major storyline tonight is Jacqueline Laurita's son Nicholas and his progress with language. Chris has been secretly working with Nicholas to help him re-learn 'I love you.' and he is able to tell Jacqueline that he loves her. Awwww… 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode tonight and of course trying to capture all the nonsense without going insane. Is that possible?

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs tonight on Bravo at 8/9c. Princesses: Long Island is on immediately afterward, make sure to watch and check out our recap tomorrow!

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