Melissa Gorga was Andy Cohen's guest tonight on Watch What Happens Live along with Tabatha Coffey and the Real Housewives of New Jersey star dished on everything from visiting her father-in-law in the hospital (and her inability to count) to understanding that Caroline Manzo was only trying to help her family and so much more! 

Right off the bat Melissa wants to clear up that she did let her kids stay to have cake at Gia's party even though the editing looked as if she didn't stick around.  I can say that seeing all of the photos from the event, Melissa was definitely there with her kids for a long time.  She was in the photos through many stages of the evening, so they really whittled down the birthday party footage/drama.

Melissa shared, "I did let my kids have cake and then we got out of there."  When Andy commented how nice it was to see Kim D. back on the scene, Melissa replies, "Yes, isn't that wonderful?" in a heavily sarcastic tone.  She then explains that things are good with her and Kim.


Melissa shared that Kim D. came to her and Joe to apologize. "We're all in a much better place now, but at the time, it wasn't wonderful.  She came to Joe and I and apologized. She said she was in a bad place and that she understood what she was doing.  And Joe apologized also for the way he spoke to her and we called a truce." 

When a caller asked if it bothered Melissa to hear Teresa's kids talking about her in a bad way, she says, "I never blame it on the kids. It goes in one ear and out the other.  They're harmless and half the time they don't even understand.  It's a complicated adult situation and they don't understand."

On NeNe saying that Melissa came on to Teresa's show, she agrees.  "In a way I agree with her.  You have to respect the veterans, but at the same time I've had dinner with NeNe and she's heard my side and agreed with me many times so…  I agree though, the veterans are the veterans."

Melissa explains that she was wrong when it came to the math regarding visiting her father-in-law in the hospital and being confronted at the party she wasn't thinking straight and wasn't ready for the questions.   "The timing was odd. When they first came at me, I couldn't even think of when, where and why.  Joe had been in the hospital also with the flu when my father-in-law was in the hospital.  I had a sore throat so I waited 2 days and then I went. So obviously I can't count.  If you add it up it is 3 or 4 days. I didn't know why there were so many questions about the gym and the hospital and the when and where. I went (to the hospital). Of course I went."

When Melissa was asked why she got so irritated over Caroline Manzo calling Joe about Teresa, Melissa says she overreacted and knows that Caroline meant well. "Looking at it now, it really doesn't bother me. I realize she was trying to help. I absolutely love Caroline. I love her kids. She's always comes to our rescue and helps us a lot.  I think I was more insulted that I wasn't involved in the conversation. I wanted her to include me too because I'm the one that needs the help. I'm like lost over here. I'm like 'Caroline what's my name? Skip? I need some help.'  But I absolutely love her, I love Caroline, she's the best and I know she's trying to help."

Melissa says she wasn't fazed by how their house came off on the show last week.  "Obviously you know Joe put his heart and soul into that house, he built that house. They showed the vanity that was in the playroom bathroom that I had ordered online.  When it came in Joe was like 'this is such a  piece of crap, I'm throwing it in the kids' playroom.  And then the kids broke it – it really was a piece of crap!  But I mean I have SLATE roofs, yet you're looking at the broken vanity and …whatever."

When a caller asks if we'll be hearing any new music from Melissa, she says that we'll see her record "Never Let Me Go" this season.  "You'll see me record it on season 5. It's playing on the radio in Orlando right now.  When you watch season 5, you'll understand why. I'm performing at a big show out in Orlando.  150,000 people – my biggest performance yet.  I'm excited. It's coming soon."

And then we come to the best quote of the show (actually we're into the after show by now).  A caller phones in wanting to know how Melissa could be so forgiving and attend Gia's birthday party, but Joe couldn't.  Melissa says it's because she's the peace maker and is all about forgiving and forgetting.  "I constantly try and try because the kids want to be with their cousins.  And sometimes with Joe, I think it hits a little bit deeper, he takes it a lot more personal.  It's his mother and it's his father and his sister.  For him, it takes a little longer to get through things  With me, I'm just trying to make peace all the time. I tend to be a forgiver and a forgetter. To a fault sometimes, but that's what I do."



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