Premiere Of Relativity Media's 'Safe Haven'

I know I'm supposed to have pity for reality TV stars for the stressful lives they live – and the chaos of having their every moment captured on camera. All the flaws, and bad behavior, and embarrassing moments, and fights, and crappy relationships, and friendships gone awry. Yeah, I should probably feel bad for them. But I don't! I'm callous that way. 

Anyway, poor Gretchen Rossi wants you to know that her life is like way hard and it's like way, way hard being on Real Housewives of Orange County when you never know when your ally is going to become your enemy and vice versa. 

“The bottom line is that I am just very straight forward and I don’t like anybody that plays both sides and I don’t like to be played,” Gretchen gripes to RadarOnline. 


On tonight's episode tempers flare over Tamra Barney deciding to invite known enemy Alexis Bellino to partake in her wedding dress shopping event. Last week Gretchen was complaining about Tamra's decision to invite Alexis, but Gretchen says her real annoyance was Tamra's ever-changing stories! 

It’s very stressful,” Gretchen explains. “When somebody is telling me or texting me one thing about a cast member, like Tamra did about Alexis, telling me she didn’t invite her dress shopping, and then going up to Alexis and telling her that she wanted her to go dress shopping, I just don’t like it." 

“And so I’m going to call people out on that,” Gretchen adds. “A lot people don’t like that. I am just being honest to who I am and I’m just asking them to be honest.” And it's important to stand up for injustice! #sarcasm “I’ve learned that these women don’t really like to be confronted.”

Gretchen maintains that she truly didn't care if Alexis was included, but she did care that Tamra wasn't being honest! She's surprised by Tamra being a two-faced, lying beotch? Gretchen really is stupid! 

“You know if she wanted her there, I’d have no problem with it,” Gretchen insists. “And a lot of people are saying, ‘Oh you’re jealous or you’re being territorial. You’re taking away from Tamra’s day.’ It had nothing to do with taking away from Tamra’s day.”

Gretchen believes the bottom line is loyalty. “I [wasn’t] trying to take away from somebody’s day when I felt that Vicki [Gunvalson] was taking away from Alexis’ dress launch day,” Gretchen says recycling season's old drama. “I was pissed.” She was pissed that Vicki had a bleeding ulcer in her butt and had to go the hospital? Oh these ladies… 

 “And when I felt that Alexis coming to Tamra’s [gym launch] and was going to ruin that, I was pissed,” Gretchen says. 

At the end of the day, Gretchen believes the most important thing is remaining true to herself no matter how questionable herself may be! 

“So, my past record, is showing the complete opposite of what these women are claiming,” Gretchen says. “The fact of the matter is, I’m not going to pretend. And if somebody is telling me they don’t want somebody there and I felt like I was being lied to, I didn’t like it.”

Well, Gretchen is in the wrong business if she's looking for integrity and honesty. And she's also marrying the wrong guy! 

Moving on, tonight is the infamous dress shopping trip which includes the much maligned Alexis. Poor girl. Proving that she truly is no one's friend, Tamra also invites the Vicki-hatin' Lauri Peterson who proceeds to ruin Tamra's day by spilling to Vicki about Brooks' excursions with her daughter's friend the maybe hooker/maybe stripper. Cause that's really the impression of my daughter I'd want on television… 

Reality Tea will live-tweeting all the madness and hoping that Randy from Say Yes To The Dress will storm through the door and tell Tamra that all her choices are ugly before stuffing her in an even more ill-advised P'nina Tornia and a headband. You know you hope that happens… 

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