Poor Gretchen Rossi has once again found herself on the receiving end of Tamra Barney's "Wrath of Furry" (which is ironic considering Tamra was wearing a wrap of furry this episode)! Bet Gretch figured she'd never end up there again after all her groveling and BFF espousing, but alas a leopard doesn't change its spots! 

This week the Real Housewives of Orange County star got a firsthand glimpse of just how flimsy her friendship with Tamra is when she threw her under the proverbial bus for Alexis Bellino and then talked ish about her to everyone who would listen. 

In her latest Bravo blog, Gretchen explains her feelings on seeing Tamra's true colors, once again, and defends herself against accusations that she was giving Tamra an ultimatum concerning Alexis and that she lied about her role on Malibu Country. Read on – warning: it's a biggun!  


On Alexis Being Invited Dress Shopping: 

"I gotta give it to Tamra though; this girl can sell ice to Eskimos. She has this ability to truly make you believe everything she tells you or texts you and then she can turn around and say or do the complete opposite on camera. I just wish she would have been honest with me from the get go about this whole Alexis issue, because now it feels like she was lying to us both. She was telling me one thing, all the while telling Alexis the complete opposite. I was played like a fiddle by Tamra on this one."

"You can imagine my surprise when I heard from the grapevine that Alexis was invited to go dress shopping. My first thought was Tamra and Alexis weren’t even friends. Obviously it wasn’t until I was watching the show that I realized that Tamra went and met with Alexis and was telling her to not tell anyone else about their meeting. Being that I thought Tamra and I were very close at that time, I didn’t understand why she kept that a secret. That seemed shady to me."

"Not knowing any of that went on, and having Tamra still trash talking Alexis during that time, it was confusing to me why Tamra would invite her to a very special day like this. Needless to say I was rightfully baffled, and I’m not the kind of person who just goes 'oh well whatever.' I am the kind of person who will question why you are saying one thing and doing another."

"The hardest part about watching this episode is that I remember feeling concerned more than anything that, because of our issues with Alexis, Tamra's special day could get ruined again — like her fitness party."

"Even Heather [Dubrow] said to me she wasn’t going if Alexis was going, and that it was ridiculous that she would even show up because she and Tamra weren’t friends and Tamra didn’t want her there."

Clearing Up The Malibu Country Issue?

"I explained to Tamra that her dress shopping day was one of the days that Malibu Country had requested my time and was honest with her that I rather go take that opportunity versus dealing with the potential drama that could ensue with Alexis there. However my 'I need to be a good friend no matter how I feel' conscience took over and I decided the right thing to do was go and support Tamra — no matter who was there."

"I had already asked Tamra to move the date once because I couldn’t make it the first time and was bummed, so I didn’t feel right asking her to change it again. So I told my agent, who called me about the part that I was not available on that Friday and that was the end of it…..or at least I thought."

"I had no idea the backstabbing, the crap talking, and the things that were being said behind my back. I mean what an idiot I feel like now for getting in that limo thinking I made the right decision to go and be there for my friend that day."

"I also can’t help but find it a little strange that two days earlier on the way to the salsa party when I told [Heather] I had been called about Malibu Country she failed to tell me she was also talking to them about a part. I would think as my friend she would say, 'Oh how cool that we both might be doing something on the same show.' But instead she did not say one word to me in the car ride. Then when I asked her the night before if she was driving in the limo to Tamra’s dress shopping day she said no because she had an appointment in the morning, once again failing to tell me it was for Malibu Country."

"I personally would have never gone to an audition or table read and then discussed something Heather told me with the producers. Quite frankly I think it was unprofessional and inappropriate, and I felt it was done behind my back."

On Wearing Jeff's Ring: 

"I mean for goodness sakes they even found fault for me wearing a sentimental ring from my fiancé who passed from cancer.

"Also, Vicki [Gunvalson] since you were the one who was so sure that I never wear that ring, why don’t you take a closer look at the footage this year or from the past few years since Jeff has passed and you’ll quickly eat your words. Just go look at our cast photo from Season 7 where I have it on my finger! I will never get rid of it, and Slade has been nothing but supportive of me keeping the ring and continuing to wear it."

On Tamra Being Two-Faced: 

"Many have asked if I was surprised about this thing with Tamra, and the truth is yes and no. I was very hopeful it would not revert to this with us again because I felt like we really had something good going. We had regained trust. We had built what I thought was a true friendship. But is seems as soon as outside influences start getting in her ear she questions everything about me and everything she knows in her heart I had been to her. She did it before and so I’m not surprised she is doing it again."

"However now seeing the episode,I regret that I once again didn’t listen to my concerns and that I set aside potential opportunities to be a good friend to Tamra because sadly it’s not a two-way street. It’s beyond hurtful doing what I thought was right by my friend only opened the door for me to get ridiculed behind my back, lied to, and accused of lying. I find myself constantly getting hurt by these women even when I try to open my heart up again and again to them."

"I do not regret trusting Tamra again and building a friendship — because I had to in order to try and move forward with her. I learned a lot more about her and why she does the things she does this season, a lot of which I realized has nothing to do with me. So honestly that has been helpful."

"Because of all the things Tamra had been negatively saying about Alexis and the way she felt about her at that time you can imagine how flabbergasted I was watching what I thought was bold face lies to Alexis in the dressing room. I wish I knew that was going down because I would have walked right in and showed her all the text messages from that week that showed a different sentiment."

On Her Friendship With Alexis: 

"I want to address a ridiculous question I keep getting asked on social media which is: 'Now that it seems like the tables have turned with Tamra again, are you sad you dumped Alexis for Tamra?' Well let’s get something straight: I never dumped anyone for anyone.

"Each of my relationships with the women has nothing to do with another friendship that I might or might not have. It is simply based off my experience with that individual. I choose to step back from the friendship with Alexis for many reasons, none of which had anything to do with Tamra or my friendship with her."

"I do not regret stepping back from the friendship with Alexis because I needed to for my own heart to heal from some things I have never spoke about on camera that happened between us."

Well that's pretty much – if you're in for reading the full NINE pages you can find it on Bravo. Get a cup of tea and settle in… 

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