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Holy majoley.  Nothing about the Kardashian/Jenner krowd shocks me anymore.  With Kris Jenner's talk show hitting special markets this week for a test run, you had to know she would do something ridiculous in a lame ratings boost.  Of course, I'm not the only one who thinks that Kris is hella annoying.  Robert Kardashian's ex-wife has filed counterclaims in the lawsuit waged against her by the Kardashians, and things are bound to get ugly.

Page Six shares that Kris is already using her granddaughter North as a ploy to get attention.  The pimp momager, whose show talk show debuted yesterday, teased about a special guest star when she posted a photo on Twitter and Facebook of herself cradling a baby.  The caption?  "You never know who will stop by our show today! #WatchKris"  You know Kanye West was not informed of this madness!

The show, which premiered on Fox affiliates in Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Phoenix, and Dallas, did not feature any famous newborns with directional names.  Kris told the bummed audience, "I couldn't do that to Kim.  That would be kidnapping," adding that Kim would share Nori "on her own time."  However, Kris did showcase a baby…that belonged to her stylist Monica.  Low, Kris.  Low.


Radar is reporting on the ongoing lawsuit between the Kardashians and Robert Kardashian's widow regarding his journals which she released to the tabloids.  Now, Ellen Kardashian's counsel has filed her counterclaims.

According to the court filings, comments made by the Kardashian kids on Keeping up with the Kardashians were intended to smear Ellen's reputation.  The documents state, “In the Episode, Kimberly referred to Ellen as ‘my dad’s wife of a few weeks.’ Robert and Ellen were married on July 27, 2003 and were married until Robert’s death on September 30, 2003. Kimberly attended the wedding of her father, Robert, and Ellen and, therefore, knew that the statement she made in the Episode was false," further asserting, “Kimberly made the statement knowing that it would debase Ellen’s marriage and degrade Ellen’s credibility to the public.”

Ellen believes that Robert's children were happy for their father for remarrying.  The legal papers claim, “The Kardashian children were actively involved in planning The original ceremony and attended the July 27, 2003 wedding of their father, Robert Kardashian, to their step-mother, Ellen Pearson-Kardashian. Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe even accepted diamond necklaces that were purchased for them by Robert and Ellen as keepsakes for attending the wedding."

The counterclaim continues, “At no time during the one and a half year engagement, planning of the wedding or marriage did the Kardashian children object to their father’s decision to marry Ellen, even with the knowledge that Robert’s medical diagnosis was fatal.”

Addressing Kardashian accusations that Ellen married Robert on his deathbed, the docs purport, “In the Episode, Khloe referred to Ellen and said that ‘she married him on his deathbed.’ The couple was married at their home in Encino at a small ceremony in which the Kardashian children were present as guests and witnesses. This statement is false and implies that Robert was an invalid when he Married Ellen. The truth is that Robert and Ellen had been engaged for a year and a half and decided together to be married even after Robert’s cancer diagnosis. On the day of Robert and Ellen’s wedding, Robert was physically and mentally capable of entering into a valid marriage.”

The papers go on to read, “In the Episode, Kris Jenner stated that Ellen ‘propped him (Robert) up on a pillow, basically in his own bed and married him in his pajamas.’ Kourtney responded to Jenner’s statement by saying ‘Mom, he wasn’t on the bed, he was on the couch.’ Then Jenner said, ‘Well, propped him up on the couch and married him.  These statements are false and imply that Robert was an invalid and physically and mentally incapacitated at the time of his marriage. The truth is that couple was married at their home in Encino on a hot summer day, July 27, 2003 where Robert wore a ‘Tommy Bahama’ style shirt (not his pajamas) and Ellen wore a sundress.”

The filings claim that Ellen was further defamed when Khloe knowingly made the following false statement:  “My dad was dying and my father’s ex-wife brought a priest to my dad’s home and married my father.”

The document explains, “This statement is false and defamatory. A friend presided at their marriage at the home in which Robert, Ellen and Robert Jr. had lived together for over a year and all of the Kardashian children were present at the planned wedding.  It is true that Robert had already been diagnosed with cancer when he married Ellen, however, they had been engaged for a year and half prior to the marriage.”

Ellen further defends her relationship with Robert.  The documents reveal, “Since Robert and Ellen began dating in December 1999, until the day of Robert’s death on September 30, 2003, the two shared a close, personal and romantic relationship. After a three year courtship, Robert proposed marriage to Ellen in early 2002 and on Christmas day 2002 presented Ellen with an engagement ring.  After their engagement, Ellen moved into the home where Robert lived in Encino, California and subsequently Robert, Jr., then a teenager, joined them because Jenner did not want to care for him. Robert and Ellen cared for Robert Jr. and built a life together as they planned their coming wedding.”

The legal papers add, “Contrary to the depiction of Ellen in the Episode, the Kardashian children visited Robert infrequently once he began His treatment and the task of caring for Robert’s declining physical condition fell entirely to Ellen.  At the moment Robert took his last breath, none of his children could be bothered to be by his side, opting instead to attend a party at Kourtney’s home.”

There is just something so foul about this entire scenario.  All parties.  Eww.  By the way, how much do you think the tiny rapper wishes he could distance himself from this self-indulgent insanity?  And that says a lot, seeing as he seems to be one of the most self-indulgent celebs around these days…


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