Jacqueline Laurita Doesn’t Think She Needed To Be At The Retreat; Says Teresa And Melissa Both Have Fault In Situation

Jacqueline Laurita was the guest on tonight's episode of Watch What Happens Live, which followed the crazy episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey (which Mary will be recapping for tomorrow's reading pleasure). 

Jacqueline sums up the issues and any hope between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga, "That's why there's so much intense feelings because there's so much hurt there, but so much love there, too."

On Joe Giudice's autism comments on last week's episode of RHONJ: "I know a lot of people got hard on Joe for the autism comment but I know Joe and i think he was acknowledging the brains and the intelligence in a lot of children on the spectrum but I think he just has a lack of knowledge of how much time and attention and focus it is and work in terms of raising a child with special need. I think he just doesn't really know but he just saw them as very intelligent which is very true but you know I think he just didn't realize what he was saying." 


Andy Cohen played the clips of Teresa and Joe talking about Jacqueline at the retreat.  Andy asked her how she felt watching them basically call her a whackjob: "I've never been on medication. I don't even take Tylenol or Advil so I don't even know where that came from.  But when you're angry at someone you say things.  I mean I've said stuff about her, she's said stuff about me and that's just what you do when you're mad at someone and you're hurt by them." 

After watching the retreat episodes, Jacqueline is assured that she shouldn't have been there: "Hell no. The whole thing was about her mending with her family. She put this retreat together to mend with her family so I felt that I had no business being there.  It would be her and I arguing or blame shifting or whatever and the focus needed to be on her family, to resolve things and I didn't have anything to do with their family's issues." 

A caller asked Jacqs if she thinks Melissa Gorga is starting to look like an instigator. "I know the whole backstory and i think they both have issues with each other and it's built up and it's just you know.  I'm sure you've fought with a friend or family member and you just take so much and then you let it rip.  I think it goes on both sides." 

Another caller asked if Jacqueline thought she overreacted a bit by grabbing Kathy's phone at the boutique. "Well, you know.  We're filming a show, she was on speaker and I heard she was saying all these things behind my back and I heard her saying it and I just grabbed the phone and i wanted to solve everything then and there. You didn't hear the whole conversation.  We were both very heated and it was ridiculous and normal for the moment." 

On reconciling with Teresa: "miracles happen this season.  Watch and see."

She was asked if she had to be stranded on a deserted island, would she rather have Teresa or Danielle Staub with her? "Teresa"

During the after show, a fan wants to know if she's still friends with Danielle Jacqueline shares that Danielle "still stalks me and says horrible horrible things."  The same fan asks if she thinks Teresa was sincere on tonight's episode.  "I think you come to a point when you're just sick of fighting.  You might not agree with what they say and do but you just don't want to fight anymore. I think they're at this point where they're just like 'let's agree to disagree'".

On why she always puts the blame on Teresa: "because i know things."

Jacqueline also gushed about her kids, sharing that CJ is a huge help with Nicholas and is such an amazing big brother to him.  She also shared that Ashlee is currently home visiting and that their relationship has been wonderful since Ashlee moved out and they learned a lot about each other. 

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