Tamra Barney Accuses Gretchen Rossi Of Getting Engaged For A Spinoff! Vicki Gunvalson Wants Gretchen Fired From RHOC!


Awwww… poor widdle Gretchen Rossi. She sold out Alexis Bellino for one hot moment in the sun with the popular girls on Real Housewives of Orange County. And like any good mean girls they have turned on her and cut her like bad bangs!

So, Tamra Barney, who has been peddling the redemption storyline this season, was trying to convince us that she and Gretchen had really moved past seasons worth of hatred. But alas when the two got started with wedding wars, all hell broke loose!

The story goes that Gretchen and Slave Smiley were supposed to get engaged last season on TV and get a wedding spinoff/storyline. But Slave screwed up with all his child support woes and bad behavior that made fans detest him so Bravo conspired behind their backs and pawned the engagement storyline off on Tamra


Last year Gretchen even accused Tamra's engagement of being a publicity stunt. The horrors! Well this season Gretchen pulled a fast-one on Bravo and Tamra by deciding to propose to Slave on camera in the hopes of securing that coveted spinoff! And Tamra is not too happy about it! 

She recently co-signed on a tweet that accused Gretchen of staging her engagement! "Ok, so I've figured out why @GretchenRossi wants to marry Slade," a fan tweeted to Tamra. "@TamraBarney got an episode gig of her wedding, so now G needs the same. haha."

Tamra's response: "That's what everyone is saying. Not a good reason to get married."

Tamra's three-part wedding special (not spinoff) will be premiering in September and going up against NeNe's full-on official wedding spinoff. 

Moving on to more Gretchen hatred, Vicki Gunvalson wants her F-I-R-E-D! She appeared on WWHL this week where she told Andy Cohen she'd had enough of Gretchen's lies without alibis! And her reason – a fake storyline concerning Gretchen's relationship with Slave

When a caller asked Vicki who she wanted to leave the show, Vicki answered Gretchen. "I think that it's becoming too fake with her and Slade. I don't know, I just wish she would be back to the Gretchen — even though I didn't like that Gretchen either," Vicki shared. 

"I don't dislike Gretchen — I just think it's time for her to move on," Vicki clarifies. Ummm… so Vicki I'm sensing you no longer want to 'work' with Gretchen? Watch it or she'll whack you with a Gretchen Christine Plasticine Sack!

Something must have really gone down at the reunion between Vicki, Tamra and Gretchen. I cannot wait!

[Photo Credit: Twitter]