Did Prosecutors Reject Teresa Giudice’s Plea Deal In Fraud Case? Plus Joe Giudice Didn’t Know He Wasn’t A U.S. Citizen?

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' stars Joe and Teresa Giudice have pleaded not guilty to federal fraud charges.

We know y'all have been dying to discuss the latest and greatest Teresa Giudice exploit, so here it is. Eat your hearts out. 

Teresa, whose defense strategy is 'Juicy did it! Y'all know I'm illiterate so I just signed where he told me to sign!', is attempting to walk away from her 39-count federal fraud indictment without doing any jail. You know, stranger things have happened… maybe. 

Earlier this week the Giudices entered Not Guilty pleas at their arraignment and the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars had a trial date set. However, according to sources before going before the judge, Teresa and Joe's defense teams attempted to reach a plea agreement with prosecutors and were rejected! 

Teresa wanted a plea deal that keeps her out of jail so she offered to do anything else BUT jail time and have Joe serve all of the time in jail. The prosecutor dismissed the deal outright," a source tells RadarOnline. 


A maximum sentence for Teresa and Joe could include 50 years in prison, but Teresa is banking on the fact that she has no priors, four children, is the main breadwinner to repay debts, and was basically in the dark about what Joe was really up to. She hopes with those factors in her favor she could avoid jail. Not so says the U.S. Attorney! “The prosecutor has said that if she wants to plead it out she has to do jail time,” the source explained.

“They’re going to paint a completely different picture of Teresa and believe that they can show that she was just as involved as Joe in creating the fraud.”

“They believe that the evidence will show that Teresa can’t play dumb," the source adds. "She was in cahoots with Joe and was just as much a part of orchestrating the scam as he was.”

Reportedly the prosecutor will argue that both Teresa and Joe serve some time for their crimes. “They are pushing for time for BOTH of them."

An attorney who spoke to us about these types of cases (and does not represent Joe or Teresa) said the U.S. government does not indict unless there is an airtight case. The Giudices, who are currently free on $500,000 bail each, are trying to live as normally as possible in the interim. Teresa has continued with business as usual and even expressed a desire to open a restaurant! Le crazito. 

Joe's attorney, Miles Feinstein, defends the couple's decision. “They were relieved they could stand up in court and plead not guilty through their attorneys,” he says dismissing the plea deal attempt.

Mr. Feinstein maintains that celebrity is interfering with the case. “All you have to do is read the blogs to see how people do and do not perceive them, and that's an added dimension in this case,” he insists. As for Teresa's plans to keep on keeping on, that came at the advice of her attorney! “We have told them to continue life as they've lived it," Mr Feinstein directed. “They're going to go on with their lives."

"They shouldn't imprison themselves at this time because they're presumed to be innocent,” he added. He also says Joe is a devoted husband who is actively attempting to keep his wife out of prison. “He'll do anything to help Teresa, but he'd never ever testify against her,” Mr. Feinstein told the NY Daily News. 

As for the deportation rumors, apparently Joe was shocked?! to find out he wasn't a citizen! WHAT?! Um… the man has a PASSPORT. Or did until it was surrendered… 

Joe didn't know he wasn't a citizen,” his attorney stated. “The rest of his family is. Had he known and applied for citizenship he certainly would have gotten it.”

So, more Lies By Giudice? Whomever called them the Fraudices is right. Let's also call them the Lie-dices. Or the Scamdices. Or the Felondices. Jail by Juicy!

Teresa and Joe are scheduled to begin their trial on October 8th. I'm pretty sure I'll be recapping that, RIGHT NANCY GRACE?! 

[Photo Credit: TNYF/WENN.com]