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Amid rumors that she's being fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for being boring, Kim Richards is writing one of her first blogs of the season. Of course Kim has lots to say about Lisa Vanderpump missing her daughter Kimberly's graduation party. 

True to form, good ol' Rambles meanders through her reactions to the episode. 

First of all Kim tells us what an intimate and personal event Kimberly's party was. "I only invited a small group of only our closest friends and family," Kim writes. Which includes the entire RHOBH cast? "All the people that came are so special to me and have played a part of Kimberly and my lives." 

"When I invited everyone, most people received evites and there were just a handful that I happened to invite myself — Lisa was one of those people," Kim writes. "I really was on the fence with who I wanted there. I had to consider the limited space and I did not want any problems or fighting on this very special night."


"When I invited Lisa I said, 'I am only having special people and would really like you and Ken to come!' She said, 'I might be out of town but if I am here darling I will be there!' and then gave me hug! I haven't had a lot of parties or events like the other girls. For a long time I wasn't in a good place to do so. So now I am so happy to be where I am today and love to entertain and make my house look pretty. It makes me feel so proud!"

Kim apparently never got Lisa's RSVP or doesn't acknowledge it, because she does not mention it. "Lisa has never come to anything I have invited her too," Kim explains. "Kimberly has always really liked Ken and wanted them there."

"When I went to Lisa and Ken's to drop off dresses for the charity, I was in a very good mood. I gave her the dresses and we talked for a little. When I mentioned Kimberly's graduation to her she told me she had been in Wisconsin all weekend I had to laugh because my hairdresser saw her that night having dinner at SUR." Kim recalls. 

"She got caught." Kim states. "At this point in my life I really don't have time for petty things like this nor do I really care. I'm turning 50 this year and have so much to be grateful, for like my children and my daughter's engagement."

"As for Ken jumping on me the way that he did. . .He was right I have missed some parties, but I also missed out on life. These are things that I regret and have apologized for since I have been sober." 

"I think Ken's comment was unnecessary, and I have forgiven myself a lot for the past," Kim says. "I feel terrible about some of the things I missed or things I did. However, in order for me to not pick up a drink today I have had to realize that the past is the past!" 

One person who I think Kim has ever right to call out is Carlton Gebbia. Her behavior at Kim's party was inappropriate. 

"I was a bit surprised when Carlton asked for alcohol and I felt a little on the spot," Kim reflects. "When she and the bartender came to me I said, 'I don’t keep alcohol in my house,' especially since it was a party for Kimberly who is underage I didn’t think people would be expecting it. I ended up asking him if someone could go get some for her." Wow! 

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