Lisa Vanderpump Explains Mothering Brandi Glanville And The Scheana Debacle; Brandi Slams Her


Lisa Vanderpump fully admits that she's been trying to mother Brandi Glanville this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she's not ashamed of it. 

During an appearance on WWHL, a caller asked Lisa if she thinks she mothers Brandi like she does the Sur staff.  Lisa confessed, "Guilty as charged. Absolutely.  I do feel Brandi was struggling and I really wanted to help her because I loved her."  

Andy asked Lisa if she knew it was bugging Brandi, "I did eventually. That's why I kind of backed off because I thought I was damned either way. But I did really care about her."  


Lisa also shared that trying to put Brandi and Scheana Marie together on tonight's episode of Beverly Hills was a terrible idea.  Andy read a Tweet that Scheana posted during the show: "It's funny how we can all have brunch together at Villa Blanca and be civil but then there's an issue again on the show. Done trying."  Lisa says, 'Well, yeah, that's true. They did have brunch together. but I don't think they should ever cross paths again after I saw tonight."  Jax piped up that Brandi was in the restaurant just last week. But Lisa shushed him, saying that was for something else and nothing to do 'with this'.

During the airing of WWHL, Brandi went on a Twitter rampage at Lisa.  "RU F***ING serious LV?? U kept her away from me at SUR but then surprised me with her at Kens Bday!! Calling BS on u LV -C u Friday" And she continued blasting, "after I asked LV please no more?? Not cool. I asked not for it to happen!"  She also slammed Lisa for throwing the engagement party for Scheana since she slept with Eddie, "@LisaVanderpump U celebrate, LOVE, take under ur wing, throw party's 4a chick that f**ks married men with pregnant wives but asks Kristen 2 go?" 

Brandi also wanted to clear up Jax's comment about her being at Sur, "1last thing the ONLY reason I went to Sur is because @JLJeffLewis double asked me to walk over from @craigsla and I heart him so I did." 

I have to admit that I'm STILL confused over Brandi being so offended/put off by Lisa showing concern for her.  Of all things to be annoyed at someone for? Because they're trying to care for you?  Mmkay.  I'm starting to see why she and Carlton are getting on so well….


Photos by Bravo TV