Tom Sandoval Slams Brandi Glanville Over Her Claims That Vanderpump Rules Is Scripted


It's a well-established fact that Brandi Glanville never knows when to shut up – add a few glasses of vino to the mix and it's a really dire situation. This Monday, Brandi appeared on WWHL where she complained to her boss Andy Cohen that Vanderpump Rules is "scripted". 

I mean we get it that Brandi is trying to topple Lisa Vanderpump but that's probably not the way to go about it. Especially since that "scripted" show is grabbing higher ratings than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tom Sandoval (aka Tom 1) is furious that Brandi would accuse the cast of faking the drama especially considering that his entire life imploded on screen this season. 


"@BrandiGlanville 'scripted' try 2knck us bc we passed u in ratings?sad bc we r all they tlked abt when u were on #wwhl? u don't know NEof us," Tom tweeted. If you need a translation he meant: "SCRIPTED?! You're just trying to knock us down because we got higher ratings than your drunk a$$. Also, no one wanted to talk about you on WWHL, they wanted to talk about my dysfunctional relationship. Oh and by the way, you don't even know us so how would you know it's scripted?" 

Then he added: "@BrandiGlanville PS your face looks like a nose between 2 a$$ cheeks," he writes. "Maybe next year we can be your lead-in… your hangin by a string #PumpRules." #OUCH OUCHIE OUCHIE OUCHIE! 

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.45.10 PMBrandi did not respond. Someone must have drown her phone in the toilet or something. 

I have to say, of ALL the shows on Bravo this one actually seems the least scripted. I mean really, these people cannot be this good of actors. JMO, of course I know many disagree with me. 

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