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Hmmm… either there is some serious back pedaling going on or Uh-OH! Somebody's lyyyyyyyyyying!

Responding to the accusations that Lisa Vanderpump was ganged up on in Puerto Rico, Yolanda Foster denies that it was planned. 

"I sadly watched tonight’s show and there is nothing I can say that can make the picture that was painted OK," Yolanda writes in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog. "It seems like there was some master plan against Lisa going on, which is absolutely not what happened."


Yolanda claims what began as a friendly conversation quickly escalated when all the girls got involved. 

"I initiated a conversation with Lisa on the beach with the intent to discuss my personal issues regarding her not showing up for very important things in my life," the very important things being Gigi's painting party – which her very, very close friends Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud were also invited too! 

"I was very hurt and disappointed by that, so I needed to share that with her so that we could put things behind us. Unfortunately our conversation did not get that far," Yolanda admits. "When Brandi and Kyle joined into the conversation it then made Lisa feel like we were attacking her — even though they were three unrelated issues."

"Looking back at the episode, it's fair to say that I understand how it made her feel," Yolanda concedes. "But at the same I wished she had tried to stay and hear us out because the story could have ended right then and there." 

Next Yolanda explains her frustrations over Ken getting involved. 

"Ken defending Lisa is natural — I just felt it to be unfair for Ken to speak for Lisa," Yolanda says. "Ken always told Paul, Mauricio, and others not to get involved in the girls' issues and now he is doing it himself. We, the girls, choose to be in this group and only we should take responsibility for our actions and the friendships between us."

Now onto tabloid-in-the-suitcase-gate, Yolanda denies being involved and admits in a roundabout way that perhaps Brandi Glanville told a lie! 

"I felt really bad for Mauricio because the whole conversation with Lisa was never intended to be about him or the tabloid — but somehow it went there and he got hurt in the crossfire. The tabloid incident is 10 months old – it was cleared up. He was innocent and this should have never been talked about anymore."

"Kyle has a five-year relationship with Lisa with many unresolved issues," Yolanda describes. "The magazine was only a small part of that. Brandi and Lisa were best friends way before I joined the group, which I don’t know anything about, but I did witness the overnight change in their friendship."

"I know Lisa saw the tabloid at Brandi's house but I did not see her put the tabloid in the suitcase. . ." she insists. Wait, wait, wait… wasn't Yolanda AGREEING with Brandi's version of the story on Scary Island 2.0? 

As for why Yolanda perhaps went along with Brandi, she claims it has everything to do with Lisa misrepresenting their friendship. Something both ladies seem to be at odds over. Lisa claims they were never as close as the show portrayed, and Yolanda changing the level of friendship often. 

Anyway, Yolanda was le sads that their friendship got all "Hollywood" style. "I can only speak for myself when I say that my issues with Lisa over the past year have nothing to do with anyone in this group. I thought Lisa was my friend, and I believe my friendships with women to be about sharing! Some of you speak about jealousy, but trust me it is not part of this equation at all. There is nothing that Lisa is or has that I want. I cheer for her successes and always compliment her greatness — but that does not mean that I don't have an opinion."

Yolanda continues, "I just needed her to acknowledge the lack of participation in our friendship and not brush me off. Unfortunately, you do not get to see the conversation Lisa and I had when we got off the bus in Puerto Rico before sitting down at the restaurant for dinner. She heard me out and promised she would make a better effort to participate in our friendship, which was all I personally needed to hear from her."

Finally Yolanda gives her opinion on the dinner debacle which ended with Lisa and Ken storming out. "Kyle's question at the dinner table to Lisa and Brandi was fair and she deserved an honest answer," Yolanda believes. 

And she also says she was fully prepared to defend Lisa and honestly state what happened regarding the tabloids. "If Ken had given me the opportunity to speak at the table before lumping me in with the three other women and before he called me 'stupid,' I would have said that I saw the magazine in question at Brandi's house — but I never saw Lisa put it in the suitcase," Yolanda insists.

"Ken did not want Kim [Richards] to speak for Brandi, but he spoke for Lisa even though the truth is that neither one was there."

"Again, I wish we could have all stayed in the conversation and worked through the issues because nobody planned an attack or was out to hurt anyone it was just time for everyone to be heard," Yolanda concludes. 

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