Kim Granatell Weighs In On Teresa Giudice Pleading Guilty To Fraud; Reveals Car Registration Secret

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Kim Granatell caught up with Tom Murro this morning (and looked fab as she left pilates class) and the feisty former friend of The Real Housewives of New Jersey didn't hold back when it came to dishing her thoughts on Joe and Teresa Giudice's fraud charges and pleading guilty to a only a handful of said charges this week. 

Kim flat out says that she doesn't feel Juicy and Tre got what they deserved in the plea deal.  "I don't think they got what they deserved. I thik they should've gotten more.  39 counts and they're down to what? 4?  Now we're remorseful? We better be remorseful cuz we know we're going to jail."  Actually it was 41 charges, so only about 1/10 of the charges will stick. 

Tom asked Kim if she thinks the Giudices are truly criminals or if they did what they did to keep up with the Joneses?  "Both.  I definitely think they're criminals.  And actually i think they're that way because they don't know any other way.  So that's been their way of life for how many years. Now they just got caught. " 


Kim says much of it IS them trying to keep up appearances as well.  "Actually they keep up, too because living in this area and all –  it's like 'who has the better house?'.  Even myself, when I was around her I felt like she was intimidated by me because she knew I was the real deal and I had the better house and I had the driver, and I have the cars." 

Kim reveals that at least one of Teresa's cars wasn't even registered to her and Joe.  "One time I was driving with my driver and i told him to run her plate and he did and she had the car in somebody else's name! What does that tell you? 'We have things, but they're in other peoples' names because we know they're going to get taken away… cuz they're not ours. We got them by doing bad things.'" 

Kim also admits she thinks they deserve jail and that Joe should be shipped back to Italy.  "I definitely think they should go to jail and I definitely think he should be deported.  I mean, he's a big fat roly poly. He looks like Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble. Big tough guy. Oh my god he absolutely should get out of here.  He defies the law and continues to defy the law. driving without insurance, driving without registration. He just keeps doing it!" 

Can we just give Kim Granatell her own reality show already? Pair her up with Kenya Moore, maybe?  Because both ladies bring it and don't hold back and it's far more entertaining than this scripted crap we get lately!! 

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