Kenya Moore Is Disgusted That So Many People Condone Porsha Williams’ Violence; Slams NeNe And More

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore sat down with Andy to share her thoughts and feelings on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion fight with Porsha Stewart, her issues with NeNe Leakes, her attempts to get pregnant and more.  It was a little shocking to see that Kenya decided to play this interview completely mellow and level and not her usual high strung, over the top theatrical self. 

Andy starts the chat by saying he feels like the viewers have taken Porsha's side in the brawl incident.  Kenya replied, "I don't know if it's surprising as it is sad. I don't think that when you take someone's side of who has attacked someone and for someone to say 'she made me do it' or 'she deserved that', I think it's a sad commentary for people who would take her side in that."

Does Kenya think she was being a bully? "I think by definition a bully is someone who torments a weaker person.  I think that term is not appropriate here." 

Andy shared that the props are at the root of the allegation that she provoked Porsha.  "I don't think the props had anything to do with being provocative at all.  I think that there was a plan in place prior to the reunion to come and attack me." 

Andy said it's interesting Kenya says that because the other "team" says she had a plan in place to provoke Porsha with the bullhorn and scepter.  Why did she bring those?  "First of all, that's silly to say.  Last year I brought a fan and I had thousands of people wanting to know where did I get that fan. It was something that was fun."  She says that saying she brought props to antagonize Porsha is silly because they didn't have any issues this entire year.  "We've never gotten into a huge knock-down, drag-out fight.  She's someone that I didn't even plan to have an issue with at the reunion.  My issues were with NeNe and my issues were with Phaedra.  Porsha was not even a thought to me." 

Andy again says he just didn't know that the props would be so controversial.  He said, "I get what you're saying about the props because I was one of the people chuckling but on the flipside, you were never directing the bullhorn in my face and you were never directing the scepter pointing at me.  So do you understand how being on the receiving end of the bullhorn and scepter could be seen as provocative?" 

Kenya replied, "When Porsha first started out, she came with lies.  She says I tried to pay not one but two African men to play my boyfriend on the reunion which is not true and I have proof of that."  Kenya then pulls out a printout from a blog that ran a story saying that Kenya offered D'banj $40,000 to pretend to be her boyfriend at the reunion.  She says they are just really great friends.  Kenya claims  the report is a lie.  "For them to come to the reunion and her to start off attacking me with a lie."  Andy interjects that they were attacking each other.  "No, we are talking about initially." 

Andy said, "In fairness, you also said (to Porsha) 'you had an affair on Kordell.'"   Kenya snapped back, "I heard that, but this is something that she said she had proof of (the attempt to hire D'banj).  She said this in the beginning.  I wasn't even paying attention to Porsha.  She's sitting on the end, I'm minding my business, talking about things that are affecting me. But again, this is part of someone who claims to be bullied when you are literally teasing me yet again over my situation with my relationships the same way she did with Walter time and time again.  How am I supposed to respond to that? You come here with lies saying I tried to pay someone, then you're telling me because you don't like what I have to say and can't match me with your wit or your intellect, so you revert to hitting me or attacking me physically.  That's what this is really about.  The scepter, the props, that was just something convenient for someone to blame their irrational, unstable behavior." 

Andy plays a clip from Porsha's interview last week when he asked her if she owed Kenya an apology (and Posha said they owed each other apologies).  Kenya responded to seeing the clip, "I think she's a person who is incapable of contrition.  She is not remorseful for what she did.  I don't think that someone who was attacked would have to apologize for being attacked. I think that's similar to saying if you're a husband and you beat up your wife and husband says 'well she provoked me, so she deserved it' and that's essentially what Porsha is saying.  That's a sad commentary for someone who claims to have been abused themselves." 

He asks what Kenya thinks about her co-stars siding with Porsha.  Kenya says they all say they don't condone violence, but they apparently do since they're siding with Porsha.  "I think with NeNe saying 'oh I'm gonna go call Porsha' as if to say 'I'm gonna go get her to beat you up', when we had the pillow talk and I stood up because someone was being antagonistic toward me but I was blamed for the entire fallout for pillowtalk, but yet Porsha was antagonizing me and she gets up out of her seat to come and attack me, but that was okay? I never used the scepter as a threatening motion.  I never held it up and said 'I'm going to beat you' with it. I never used it in a threatening way." 

Andy chimed, "but you pointed it in her face."  Kenya corrects him,  "I pointed it toward her, but that wasn't threatening.  I think it may have been annoying. It wasn't threatening.  I think it was irritating to her, but I don't think that being annoying and irritating to someone requires a response in a violent matter." 

Andy says he was personally blown away by the reaction to the reunion fight, with people telling him 'of course Kenya instigated it'.  "But people see what they want to see. People also didn't see where your first interaction with her with respect to me was about a lie that came to attack me. She attacked my character by calling me a slut from the 90's, she was ten years old. How would she know what I was in the 90's?"

Andy says again that they were attacking each other. Kenya tells Andy to rewatch the reunion because Porsha said the slut comment first. "what I said and what I did was a reaction to that.  But I stayed seated and I never used the scepter and said 'I'm gonna hit you with this.' I never threatened her." 

Kenya then gets real about everyone acting like "poor Porsha" was oh so fragile. She tells Andy, "to be honest, I don't think that you'll air it because it's too honest.  First of all, the way she fell to the ground, screaming and kicking like a two year old after she attacked me.  Then to constantly be treated like a baby, coddled and treated like this wounded little bird. When that wounded little bird grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to the ground, clearly meaning to hurt me. That is not a wounded person who has been bullied. That is a person who intentionally came to do harm. Then to show her in her dressing room and say 'I did it because she made me do it.'"  Kenya goes on "you were bullied? Were you bullied when you posted a photo of me on Instagram that said to blame my doctor a day after my dog died? Were you bullied when I tried to have a conversation with you and you told me I was on the curb where I needed to be after I graciously came to your charity event? Were you bullied when you called me every name in the book including a tramp and everything else. Gone with the wind fabulous was born because of Porsha."  (they play some clips of Porsha verbally going after Kenya from last season) "She's always been aggressive towards me, but people don't remember those things or they refuse to see those things, so when you say 'I was bullied', when did you get bullied?  How does a 32 year old woman on a reality show that has a mouth the size of her mouth ever say she was bullied?"  She then blasts Andy a little more.  "Had you leveled the playing field, had you shown the flashbacks of her being aggressive toward me, had you done that, then you wouldn't have gotten the reaction that you did. You stacked the deck against me, so that is the truth." 

Andy nods and says "interesting." and that's it.  He then asks for the legal status of the case against Porsha.  Kenya explains, "We will have to go to court and court will decide what her punishment will be." 

Andy asks, bewildered, "you want to go to court with this?" and Kenya says "she broke the law, she attacked me and to add insult to injury she won't even apologize for her actions.  Initially I did reach out to her and her attorney to try to resolve it and I was met with 'well we're going to try to sue you for aggravated assault'.  That's not someone who's trying to work it out, that's someone who won't take responsibility for what they've done."

Andy, "you said at the reunion that you don't condone women calling each other "ho", yet you called Porsha a ho through the bullhorn. You were both calling each other a lot of names."  Kenya says Porsha started the name calling first.  "I think historically speaking on the show, I may have at worst called someone a bitch in my first season. After that I didn't like to see myself call someone out of her name."  Andy reminds her, "but you've done it."  Kenya, "I have, but that's what I'm saying. I sat there with Phaedra calling me every whore in the book and I get that every episode and I don't think it's right.  I'm not proud of myself for calling someone out of their name for sure."

What would it take for her to drop the charges against Porsha?  "I think that there's such a lack of contrition on her part, accountability, humility, and just decency for trying to blame me – even saying 'she made me do it.'  When a person says 'you made me hit you', how do you drop the charges knowing that they would do it again?" 

Andy randomly asks what Kenya thinks of Porsha's new implants.  Because in the midst of a serious talk about violence we want to chat about boob jobs, right?  Kenya said she found it interesting since Porsha jabbed at her last season about her being fake and now is "basically trying to look exactly like me." 

Andy shares that NeNe has said Kenya is trying to get between her friendship with Cynthia. Kenya responds with "I have better things in my life than to try to tear down relationships.  I have said a hundred times I think a friendship is one of the most valuable things you can have in life.  A true friend.  And Cynthia certainly was a true soldier for NeNe.  She was her biggest cheerleader and supporter and the fact that NeNe would say that I'm trying to come between her and Cynthia is really silly.  NeNe is coming between her and Cynthia."

Why do she think NeNe doesn't like her?  "I think NeNe is very threatened by me. Since I arrived on the show and the fact that the ratings have been through the roof and I've gotten a lot of attention and maybe she does not have the career she thought she would have.  And her focus is not solely on Real Housewives.  I think that she's just clearly threatened by my existence on the show and it's sad because I was a good friend to her."

Andy played the clip from NeNe's interview where she said that Kenya was good for the show, all while throwing a lot of digs at Kenya – for not taking her meds, for being the "dingdong" and bringing the drama.  Kenya's reaction to the clip "Of course she'd take that opportunity to give an insult and a compliment, so which do you choose? the lesser of the two evils?"   Andy asks where NeNe complimented her and Kenya says "where she says I'm good for the show.  The ratings say I'm good for the show.  We don't need NeNe to say I'm good for the show." 

She says she is still friends with Marlo Hampton. "We're very friendly.  We have lunch, we talk.  I think Marlo is a cool person." 

Andy asks "level with me..was it just to piss NeNe off?"  Kenya denies it. "You know what, I'm not a two year old, Andy.  I just really resent the nature of the questions because it's like 'did you bring that to irritate Porsha?' when Porsha wasn't even in my thought process.  That's just a person who really doesn't even have a life."

Andy explains to Kenya that all season long he looks at the thousands of questions fans have and that they seem to not believe her about Walter, about her prince, about Velvet, about every aspect of her life. "How do you react to it and why is that? Why do you think people don't buy what you're saying?" Andy asks.  She shares, "I don't think it's necessarily that people don't buy what I'm saying. I think there are people on the show that are hell bent to try to make it seem that they can't believe what I'm saying. For instance Phaedra saying that I rented my Bentley or that it doesn't belong to me. I have my registration right here for my car. I have my receipts all day long."  (Andy inspects it).   Kenya goes on "I don't think I always need to be put in a position where I have to show my receipts." 

Andy asks, "you think it's because the other woman are always calling you into question about everything?"  She says "yes, let's go all the way back to Apollo and Phaedra. Apollo makes up this crazy story that I saw him in Los Angeles at a party, that we see each other at a hotel and I offer him something that was extremely inappropriate. Here's the thing, we can easily prove that.  All you have to do is give a date and I will be able to prove that you're lying because half the time I wasn't even in town, I was in Africa.  And if he can't prove that, then for me it says let the court of law be able to prove who's right and who's lying. "

What's the biggest misperception about you?  "I think it's true and it's not true.  I am a very strong person. You've seen me take on the entire cast at times, even the husbands.  Peter, Apollo, the girls have been extremely difficult toward me this year.  Some of the girls, not all. And I can hold my own, but I'm not a machine.  I'm a woman, I have feelings and I don't deserve to be treated like that. I deserve a chance like everyone else."

Her regrets from this season, "I think in life you don't really have regrets, but when it comes to this show, I think I would regret pointing the scepter towards Porsha had I known she would not have the control or the mental capacity to deal with that type of instance.  And I think just allowing myself to roll around in the mud with pigs. Because the pigs love it and all you do is get dirty."

Kenya then shares that June 2nd is going to be her first IVF session.  "I've been having a lot of highs and lows, even last month I thought I was pregnant."  Andy wants to know if this means she has chosen a donor.  "yes, I have always known who I wanted to be the donor."  Andy asks if it's Miss Lawrence, "he wouldn't make a bad donor, I love him dearly, but no.  I wanted to make sure that the person and I wanted the same thing."  She confirms it's someone she knows. Andy says he was curious because she went to a sperm bank during the season.  Kenya says she just wanted to explore all of her options.  "I didn't know if the person I was dating would say yes. So, I wanted to know what are my options in case they say no. "   Andy asks if the African prince is the donor and she says maybe he'll find out, maybe not.  "but it's happening and I'm nervous as hell." 


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