Porsha Stewart Explains Controversial Sermon And Praises LGBT Community; Slams Miss Lawrence!

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Porsha Williams has been in the midst of an onslaught of bad publicity. From her altercation at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, to accusations that ex-husband Kordell Stewart abused her, to a much-publicized video of her preaching what appeared to be homophobic remarks. 

After the scandalous videos emerged in the media, Miss Lawrence (known for being both Kenya Moore's BFF and a RHOA institution) called Porsha "ratchet and tacky" on the Russ Parr Morning Show. “Those are her beliefs granted, she is entitled to her beliefs. But if you want to hold true to your beliefs, don’t come over to the LGBT community or gay girls and want us to help you with your hair or want to use your gay slang or want to carry us like your purse. You stay over there and you stick to your beliefs," Lawrence continued. 

Now it's Porsha's turn to share her side of the story. Also sitting down with the Russ Parr Morning Show, Porsha insists that sermon was taken out of context and Lawrence is the ratchet one! 


"I'm not worried about what that bobble head has to say, cause he just took it to the left for no reason," Porsha espouses. "He's known me since I've been on the show – he could have easily picked up the phone instead of trashing me like that." 

"That sermon was done about five years ago. TMZ … they just kinda showed a little snippet of it," Porsha explains. "And the snippet that they showed made it look like I was talking to the gays and saying 'You need to be saved.' when in actuality the sermon was about salvation. So I was speaking to the congregation; I was letting them know, 'Hey – we should talk about God's love to everyone. We shouldn't discriminate'"

"It was just basically taken out of context," Porsha continues. "It hurt me because I have a lot of friends who live that lifestyle, and I would hate for anyone to be hurt or think I feel that way." 

Porsha says in the African American church she believes there are certain groups that are discriminated against and that includes the gay community. She maintains that her true intent with the sermon was education and acceptance, not judgment. "Do not discriminate," she urges. "We all should be saved – myself included. God loves everyone. Period."

Speaking directly to Lawrence, Porsha states, "I hope you hear what I'm saying now and stop being nasty." 

Porsha admits she did receive backlash from the LGBT community because of the way the press portrayed the sermon, but she has since explained the true context of the sermon and will be performing at a gay club this month. 

Moving on to Kenya, Porsha has no love for her! Porsha says if she happened to run into Kenya in Atlanta she'd "walk on by." 

[Photo Credit: TNYF/WENN.com]