Gretchen Rossi Complains About Editing On Marriage Boot Camp

Marriage Boot Camp Gretchen and Slade

Perhaps Gretchen Rossi oughtta consider a different career besides reality TV, because she's never happy with her portrayal. Is it because her personality sucks? 

Gretchen, former Real Housewives of Orange County star, is currently appearing on Marriage Bootcamp after Bravo decided they weren't interested in the continuing with the Gretchen/Slave wedding charade – or the we're pretending to have a baby storyline. Gretchen has complained for years about how Bravo edited things to make her look bad, and now she's having the same problem with Marriage Bootcamp. Maybe it's you, Gretchen?


On Friday's episode the couples filmed in a morgue and Gretchen pretended to be dead while Slade said his "last words". Sounds riveting. After the airing, Gretchen complained on twitter, "Ok now I’m pissed! Just watched the morgue scene and that was a total voice over of Elizabeth saying ‘that’s it, your [sic] not going to touch her one last time’ that was never said in that moment and they did not show half of what Slade said to me and how he embraced me afterwards."

Gretchen continued, "I’m calling #bs with that editing on #MarriageBootCamp #notcool exactly why we were hesitant to do the hot button exercise right before that.”

"Not gunna [sic] stand for any bullshit anymore! #overit #mbc has been completely on point till that scene in the morgue where they did a VoiceOver with the counselor, to lead the audience to belief Slade wasn't doing something he should of," Gretchen's rant continued. "Everyone's way of dealing with death is different. Jenni [Farley] didn't touch Roger, so why isn't everyone all over her about it?"

Oh Gretchen – give it up. Don't you have a plastic purse to hawk? Speaking of which, I'm sure your 'I'm dead' plastic skin looked exactly the same as your 'I'm alive' plastic skin. That should be your biggest concern… 

Moving on, tonight Gretchen will NOT be on our TVs for RHOC. Instead newbie Shannon Beador will confront her marriage problems while Heather Dubrow confides in Vicki Gunvalson about Tamra Barney – and then Tamra and Heather get into an argument about her CUT Fitness betrayal

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us! 

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