Vicki Gunvalson Sympathizes With Shannon Beador’s Marital Issues; Is Done Feeling Ashamed Of Brooks Ayers

Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson 2014 Bravo Upfronts

Vicki Gunvalson is seeming saner this season – and strangely (and scarily) emerging as somewhat of a voice of reason amid a turbulent season of Real Housewives of Orange County. 

With co-stars turning on each other left and right, and friends quickly becoming enemies, Vicki has stayed above the fray and for the most part out of the drama! After learning of Shannon Beador's marital issues, and that an extremely personal email between Shannon and her husband David became the subject of gossip, Vicki shares that her heart goes to Shannon – and that she is disappointed in both Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney. Vicki, are you feeling OK?

"It was sad for me to see Shannon, who I care about so much, be in such a vulnerable and sad place in her life this episode," Vicki writes in her Bravo blog. "Shannon learned the hard way — that by sharing that intimate email with Tamra she had no idea what would happen from there." 


However, Vicki doesn't believe Tamra's intent was malicious. Strangely, neither do I? "Looking back seeing all this unfold, I truly believe that Tamra did not mean any ill intent when sharing what she knew about Shannon's marriage to Heather," Vicki recalls. "I don't think Tamra was gossiping to stir things up, I think she was merely telling Heather so possibly Heather would show compassion towards Shannon."

"Hindsight I know, Tamra feels that she probably should have kept is information private between themselves and she is sorry and remorseful. Tamra sharing the email that David wrote to Shannon with Heather was not probably one of the best moves to make considering Heather and Shannon's rocky relationship."

"I was disappointed that Heather shared this information with other women, as there was no reason to do that," Vicki chastises. "Sometimes, things are best just left to be kept quiet and this is one of those times. I think Heather learned her lesson, too, and feels bad."

Despite all the drama and disappointment, Vicki believes Shannon and David can make their marriage work if they devote themselves to fixing it. "I have encouraged both David and Shannon to fight for their marriage and not to give up. I have been their biggest supporter, because I believe once you think that there is no option to stay married — it's a downhill spiral and divorce will be inevitable."

"I know how much Shannon loves David and I know she has seen some of the things she has done to push him away, but sometimes it takes a jolt like this to look at what YOU have done versus blaming the other one to be able to turn it around," Vicki advises. 

Finally Vicki shares that she was embarrassed by her blurry nude flash during the massage scene in Puerto Vallarta – and that while Brooks isn't perfect he makes her happy for now.

"I can't believe the camera guys filmed me turning over and 'blurred out my top part.' They told me they turned their back towards me and weren't filming but obviously they were. Ugh… so embarrassing," Vicki confesses. "Sorry about that as I had NOT expected that to air." Poor Vicki -every year it's some super embarrassing bodily issue – last year it was pee spots! 

And Vicki is done apologizing over Brooks. "Don't we all want to feel loved and reaffirmed that we are attractive? He's very complimentary to me and he always makes me know I'm important to him. This is one of the many things I enjoy about him," shares Vicki. "In my past relationships, I didn't have that and I have realized through counseling and many books that my love language is affirmation. Once you know your love language, it's easier to decide who you match up good with."

Well, I think the counseling is paying off – Vicki seems more centered, calmer, and more in touch with sanity than ever. Hopefully she starts improving her fashion sense as well. 

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