Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster have lunch at Villa Blanca

Watch out Beverly Hills! Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster were recently snapped having what appeared to be a friendly meal together. Which can only mean one thing — the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is filming a brand new season.

The photo of Lisa and Yolanda reveals quite a few things that had been up in the air. First, Lisa Vanderpump — my personal favorite Beverly Hills Housewife — is returning for another season (as we reported earlier this month). After a brutal season last year, Lisa had been playing coy in interviews about whether or not she was going to return for another round. Second, it appears that Yolanda and Lisa are friendly once again, because at the reunion is seemed that Lisa's only friend was Carlton Gebbia, who was later given the ax.

Fear not Beverly Hills fans, Lisa and Yolanda were not the only ladies spotted filming for the new season.

Kim Richards was also spotted filming, not with any of the other ladies, but with her daughters, Brooke and Kimberly. Like Lisa, it was rumored that Kim may not be returning for another season. But in Kim's case it was a boring storyline that had producers giving her the boot. If the pictures are any indication, Kim may be ramping up her drama factor. In the pictures she is seen arguing with her daughters, loudly on the street — as any good Housewife would.

Kim has also recently been spotted with a new man, which could really make her storyline go wither way.  Her last boyfriend featured on the show was Ken, who appeared to be drunk or high most of the time. Great drama, not great for Kim's sobriety. Or this guy could be completely boring and normal. Good for Kim, not good for reality TV.

Rounding out the cast for next season is Kim's sister Kyle Richards and everyone's favorite hot mess, Brandi Glanville. Haven't heard too much about Kyle lately. But after what seemed like an exhaustive search, Brandi Glanville has finally found a new place to live….in the San Fernando Valley. So the single star is not a housewife and now she doesn't even live in Beverly Hills? What are the credentials to be a Beverly Hills Housewife? Didn't Brandi once try and call out former bestie Lisa Vanderpump for not living within the 90210 zip code? Careful Brandi, there is no version of the Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley.




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