Heather Dubrow Talks Being Criticized On RHOC! Starring In New Series ‘Sequestered’

heather dubrow

This season Heather Dubrow has been facing backlash from fans over her behavior – she's also been caught in the crossfire over some bitchy and gossipy behavior. It all seems to center around her angst with new castmate Shannon Beador

"Look, I’m not perfect. I say incredibly stupid, regrettable things," Heather admits. "We all do. But in general, I’ve been the same person since the day they met me, and this is who I am. I think at some point you take someone for who they are or you move on."

Referring to her Real Housewives of Orange County castmates, Heather explains, "I think they are very laid back, and I think I’m a little uptight for them sometimes. The thing is, I don’t judge them for who they are or what they do. Sometimes I feel like I’m held to a different standard."


Heather feels she is simply misinterpreted. "On the show sometimes I speak very slowly and deliberately and I guess sometimes the girls think it comes off as condescending. But the truth is, I’m trying to choose my words carefully, because I’m sensitive and I’m thinking whatever comes out of my mouth is going to be scrutinized and pulled apart after. And then my mother’s going to be hearing this, my best friend, my husband, etc. and I think that I think too much sometimes.”

And Heather's relationships have been put to the test this season! “Vicki [Gunvalson] and I have always had a good relationship. I was a little surprised that she was so quick to think the worst of me when Shannon was recounting the night at my house," Heather admits to All Things Real Housewives. "That sort of bothered me that she was so quick to think the absolute worst of me."

"Tamra [Judge] and I are great," Heather insists. "I love Tamra, I always have. Was it disappointing how she treated me through a lot of the season? Yes. But when you have friendships you go though things." 

Heather claims that despite arguments and drama, she ended filming on good terms with her co-stars. "I feel like my relationships are secure. I’m friends with Tamra, I’m friends with Vicki, I’m friends with Lizzie [Rovsek] and as far as where Shannon and I stand today; I just ran into her yesterday and had a nice conversation. I like Shannon. I don’t dislike Shannon.”

So what went so very wrong with Shannon? "We got off on the wrong courting and I don’t think either of us helped it very much," Heather acknowledges. "I’m hoping that after the reunion and after we hash things out, it would be nice to start fresh.”

As for next season – Heather isn't sure it's in the cards for her. That's what they all say… "I think this has been a very difficult season. There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on that I was just not okay with, and if there were some changes made I would probably come back," Heather explains.

"But as stressful as it is, it’s done a lot for our family and I think it’s interesting and amusing and a learning experience. I think being involved in the 10th season [which is a landmark for the Housewives shows and for Bravo] would be a compelling reason for me to come back.” It also gave husband Terry the jumpoff for his own show, Botched

But Heather is really trying to make this acting thing happen – so perhaps she'll focus on that instead of reality TV. This August Heather will return to acting in Sequestered, a new scripted series for the Crackle Network – which is Sony's digital network. She announced on twitter that the show has wrapped. 

“It’s a drama, but it’s sort of procedural because it is a trial and that sort of thing, but it’s really the ins and outs of being sequestered, this jury, and what happens,” Heather previously told Celebuzz about the show. 

Oh and finally – Heather revealed that her new house is in building stage and should be done by next summer! "We're moving pretty fast!" she enthused. 

Tonight the drama continues – Shannon has a bonafide meltdown in Puerto Vallarta. Stateside, Heather adopts a dog and Tamra decides on having another child, while Lizzie focuses on her business. 

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[Photo Credit: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]