Melissa Gorga Says She Is Definitely Moving Back To Montville Mansion After Eviction Finished; Slams Kai Patterson Over ‘Ridiculous’ Stories

 melissa gorga at the 2014 bravo upfronts

Melissa Gorga is hitting back at the information being shared by her renter/purchaser Kai Patterson regarding the status of his purchaseThe Real Housewives of New Jersey star took to her blog to set the record straight..sort of.  Melissa explains her current housing situation and confirms that she is planning to move back into Casa de Leaky Beaver (aka the Montville mansion).

Melissa backtracks and now wishes she hadn’t said that she was moving away because of sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.    “So as you already know, we moved to Franklin Lakes last September and you will see us in our rental home this season. We bought a property there and are building a house a couple miles away from where we are renting.  Watching this episode makes me think about two things that I wish I could go back and erase. The first was making that statement about why we wanted to move and the second was not listening to my gut and going through with the sale of our Montville home to the person who bought it.”

Melissa says she wasn’t technically B.S.’ing when she said the house “sold”, because in her eyes, it really did.  “There has been a lot of nonsense out there surrounding the status of our Montville home so I want to clear some things up. When we said we sold our home last year, we truly believed we had. We signed a purchase contract and agreed on an extended close. Joe builds and sells houses for a living and a lease-purchase agreement is nothing out of the ordinary. We would have NEVER moved our family into a rental or bought a property in Franklin Lakes if we thought otherwise.” 

She doesn’t go into detail for “legal reasons”, but of course.  “I can’t say too much more as we are currently taking the appropriate legal steps to remove this person from our home.  Just know that the ridiculous stories he sends to bloggers are just that.”  Duly noted, Melissa.  We’ll have to wait for her own US Weekly version of the truth and details at a later date, I’m sure. 

Melissa does confirm that she has every intention of moving back in once they boot Kai Patterson from the house.  “And yes, once everything has been sorted out, we plan to move back to Montville while Joe continues to build the house in Franklin Lakes. Why? Because it makes the most financial sense. There is no reason to continue to pay for a rental and leave that big house empty.”  Cue Kai’s response in 3..2…1…

Melissa adds, “At this point, we are still building the house in Franklin Lakes and will decide at a later date which house we’ll put on the market. ‎ It will all come down to what is best for our family, but I promise when I know, you’ll know! ” 

Well, I’m voting for putting the new Franklin Lakes dream home up for sale when it’s finished because after seeing the inspection reports, damage photos, etc, I’m doubting too many others will rush to pay full price for the Montville one.  There’s still hope yet for us to buy it at bargain basement pricing and use it as Reality Tea’s headquarters.  Just think of the viewing parties we could throw.  Bring your own shower doors.  


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