Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea Talk Amber Drama On Tonight’s WWHL


The Real Housewives of New Jersey newbies (and twins) Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea stopped by Watch What Happens Live’s clubhouse tonight.  The sisters dished on the drama that went down with Amber Marchese on tonight’s episode and explain why they immediately believed Melissa Gorga. 

Andy starts off by showing the scene from the episode where Amber is talking ish with Melissa, claiming that she heard Nicole broke up someone’s marriage.  Nicole says, “Amber just likes attention and if she’s gonna get it by making up lies and stories, so be it.”

On stopping by Amber’s house and not going in to clear up the gossip, Teresa says “We were going to confront Amber but out of the decency for her children we did not confront her that night and ring her doorbell because the children were there.”  Nicole says there was no stalking going on.  they pulled up and saw the kids were still up and they pulled away.

Andy reads a question from a viewer, “Do the twins think Amber is trying to get people to feel bad for her by mentioning the cancer to get more attention from the ladies that like her?”  Nicole says “I wish they would’ve shown more of the footage of her saying ‘I’m gonna use the cancer card’ or ‘THE cancer’, so yeah, I would say so.”  Teresa says, “It’s hard. It’s a very sensitive issue. it’s difficult, but for her to just come out constantly.”  Nicole adds “I don’t know anyone who says that” (about the “cancer card”).

A caller asks the twins how they automatically believed that Melissa Gorga was telling them the truth and why did they think Amber would make that rumor up about Nicole.  “Well, I don’t think she (Melissa) made it up because after seeing tonight’s footage, she absolutely did come out of her mouth (Amber’s), so it was said.  I just get a really good feeling about people and I did when Melissa said that and I always go on my intuition.  And I was right.”   Nicole thinks Amber made up the rumor because she likes the camera attention.  

The twins claim they never watched the show before they joined so they were able to form their own opinions on the rest of the cast. 


 Photo Credit: Twitter