Shannon Beador Opens Up About Where Her Friendships Stand Now

Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador has had a rough rookie year! Since joining the Real Housewives of Orange County, the problems in her marriage have been a hot topic, she has been lied to by Tamra Judge and kicked out of Heather Drubow’s house. Rough start, right??

In a new interview, Shannon opens up about the past year, the good the bad and the ugly of joining one of the most successful Housewives franchises and the status of her friendships with Tamra and Heather.


I have to admit, watching Shannon Beador this season at some points has been rough. Will you ever forget her screaming, “You will all see the truth!” at Lizzie Rovsek’s dinner party? I won’t. I think that image is burned into my brain forever. But in a new interview with, Shannon explains that joining the show was actually a blessing in disguise, despite being put through the ringer by s**t-stirrer Tamra Judge.

How is your relationship with Tamra Judge?

“She has apologized to me, but there’s just a lot that happened. In the next couple of episodes a lot comes to the forefront. I’ve been hurt tremendously by her. So it’s just something that maybe with time it can heal. I can get along with her, I can be friendly with her, I can forgive her, but can I forget? No.”

 All I have to say about that is Shannon is a better person than me! I would tell Tamra and her lies where to go and how to get there!

Why do you think you and Heather Dubrow clashed so much while filming?

“I wish you could explain it to me. I don’t know. [laughs] I honestly don’t know. I’ve tried to analyze it, but the bottom line is I can’t get into her head, so I can’t answer that question. I believe that I’ve apologized to her numerous times for things that she perceives that I do that I don’t even think have actually happened, but I still apologize so that I can move forward and it doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Have you and Heather been able to move forward in a friendship?

“I’m always able to move forward. I really am. I’ve seen Heather, I’ve seen Tamra, I’ve seen the girls. I can have conversations with them, I can smile, I can laugh, it’s all good. Life is too short to hold a bunch of negative feelings inside. You gotta move on.”

In what I thought was one of the more surprising revelations in the interview, Shannon talks about selling her gorgeous home.

“Our house was listed for sale probably six or eight months prior to me interviewing for the show. We do want to sell our house and there’s a lot of different reasons why. I think most homes in my community are… for the right price, everyone will cash out. We are pretty down to earth and it’s big, it’s expensive to maintain, and some day we would like to have a better view. So for the right price we will go somewhere else. We’ve been there for almost four years and we’ve had a great run there.”

Being tapped to join any of the Housewives franchises often is like putting a nail in a coffin of an already fractured marriage. Shannon and David Beador had their marriage problems viewed by millions on the Real Housewives of Orange County, but instead of falling apart, these two seem to have beaten the Housewives curse with filming actually being beneficial to their relationship.

“In the finale episode you will see that my marriage is improving. I knew deep down that it was better, but [the show airing] was five or six months delayed. So that was a tough time for me to watch that.”

“We’re good! He’s actually sitting right here. [laughs] The kids went to stay with my mom for seventeen days so we went to Hawaii for nine days alone, which was longer than our honeymoon. Then we filmed the reunion in-between and went to Las Vegas. We are here in New York alone, so we’ve been doing more traveling than we ever have. It’s good.”

Good for these two! Considering at the beginning of the season they spent one night away from their kids and Shannon was freaking out!


[Photo by: Rudy Martinez/Bravo]