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Nothing about this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County shocked me. Until everyone opens their eyes and figures out that Tamra Barney is to blame for every single (ok, maybe not every single one, but pretty darn close) relationship problem in Orange County, it will be more of the same. Tamra lies, drama ensues, Tamra denies, rinse and repeat.

The newcomers, Shannon Beador and Lizzie Rovsek, have Tamra‘s lying pot stirring ways figured out, but Heather Dubrow is forever stuck in her own self-righteous fantasy world. Heather’s too busy blowing everything out of proportion and bellyaching about Shannon “yelling” at her to see what Tamra has done. Le sigh.

In her blog, Shannon bemoaned, “It is nice to see Vicki have compassion for me. What is disturbing is Tamra not taking responsibility for starting all of this nonsense between Heather and I.” I, for one, am extremely disappointed that Vicki Gunvalson failed to call out the liarface this week. Vicki knew Tamra was lying – and she kept mum! Grrr!


“En route to Lizzie‘s party, David and I discuss that I am not at excited about seeing the Dubrows,” continued Shannon. “First of all, the last I heard from Heather was a text minutes after I left her house. There was no way I was going to respond to her text after being kicked out of her home. She never apologized in the text for telling me to leave her home and I wasn’t going to set myself up.”

About the “take the Beadors down” rumor courtesy of Tamra, Shannon explained, “We didn’t think she was serious at first, but once she mentioned it a couple times, we started to wonder whether it was true. We weren’t going to discuss it with the Dubrows without getting confirmation from Tamra one more time that Terry had said it. She denied ever saying the statement to me that Terry wanted to ‘take the Beadors down.’ I was absolutely frustrated. I was just coming off of a devastating betrayal from Tamra, so I couldn’t believe that she was going to lie once again.”

Shannon said, at this point, she was trying to figure out if Tamra made it all up (and Terry never said it) or if Terry did say it (but now Tamra denied gossiping).

“Either way, Tamra is not telling the truth … again … mind boggling to me. I am not making it up and would have no reason to,” added Shannon. “Then lo and behold Tamra decides to bring up this non-existent statement at the dinner table of all places. It makes no sense. And further, I cannot believe that Terry had the audacity to confront David and I at the dinner table with 12 people. I love that David defended me – so chivalrous and loving.”

Shannon pointed out that Vicki admitted – to the camera – that Tamra repeated the “take the Beadors down” gossip to her too.

“I could not believe that Tamra asked David to go outside,” shared Shannon. “I have known my husband for over 16 years and I have never known him to have a confrontation with another female. I am blown away that Tamra thought she could somehow convince my husband that betraying my confidence and telling Heather was somehow in my best interest. And then she calls Heather and Terry into the discussion. At this point, I am done.”

Shannon concluded, “This is not how I communicate or deal with people. Once again Heather brings up my ‘yelling’ at her and that is the last straw for me. I am human. I mean it when I say ‘you will all see the truth.’ You do see the truth.”

At this point, I am rooting for the Beadors to take the Dubrows down! I have had enough of Terry and Heather‘s self-righteous indignation. Shannon isn’t crazy. She’s just sick of the lies – big difference, huge difference – and she snapped when Tamra followed her, grabbed at her, and shushed her, even after several people told her to back off. How nobody pushed Tamra off that balcony – you know Eddie thought about it – I will never understand.

In real time, Shannon and David were in Hawaii when this episode aired.

“I am on the thin side, but I have never exercised in my life. You can hear me in this episode saying that back in my day, you just had to be thin – not toned or defined,” added Shannon. “I have been in Hawaii with David for the last nine days and yesterday, we thought it would be fun to try paddleboarding. David was insistent that I wear a bikini, despite my reservations about my flabbiness, and I did. A photographer was outside our hotel and took some incredibly hideous photos of me which are now on the internet.”

Shannon concluded, “When I return home from Hawaii, I am going to post those photos on my website and others as my before photos and I am growing to do my best to tone up this 50 year old body once and for all! You can go to my website starting next week at to see my progress!”

See a few of the “hideous” pics below. In my opinion, Shannon looks fantastic. 




Photo Credit: Bravo and Instagram

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