Mimi Faust is putting it all out there – like more all out there than her sex tape! The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has had a crazy, stressful year but she’s still looking forward and remaining positive.

In an in-depth interview Mimi discusses the brawling at the L&HH reunion, discovering Nikko’s secret wife, and her future going forward. 

Shockingly Mimi reveals that she discovered Nikko’s secret from a gossip blog – one that’s notorious for getting things wrong, in fact! “I didn’t believe it at first…” Mimi admits, “but something said let me just ask him because I’m getting a lot of phone calls and stuff. I came to him just so matter of fact and he just came out and was like ‘yea, sure I’m married’ What?!?” 


Mimi, who has kind of a history of dating drama-filled men and got together with Nikko in 2012, says she had been told by a psychic her boyfriend was secretly married. “I didn’t know if she was talking about Stevie, and I wasn’t with Stevie but he is my daughter’s father and it never occurred to me that it was Nikko, so I just assumed that she was talking about Stevie but the psychic did tell me that.”

Mimi shares that there were other red flags, like Nikko’s wife calling a lot! “I would ask him about it he would say that’s an ex, their still friends, they didn’t have a bad break-up like Stevie and I and they still communicate would be his response but yea, she did call him a lot and refer to her as his ex.”

Since learning about his secret marriage, their relationship unraveled. “That day that I found out he was married is when everything just got bad and we were never right after that,” Mimi acknowledges. “I wasn’t able to get back on board with him with that being the case.”

Revealing that she has not spoken to Nikko since that episode of L&HHATL aired, Mimi and Nikko are very much broken up! Which is why it’s too bad about that sex tape together! Speaking of which, Mimi maintains that the original tape was stolen from Nikko’s bag at the airport, she seems dubious, however about Nikko’s fault in the matter. “I really cannot point my finger at him 100%,” she states.

Mimi also shares that since Vivid did not have enough footage to make a full tape, they agreed to do a full-on porno! “Yes, the footage that Vivid Entertainment had was a tape that Nikko and I made that was the one we did in privacy and the one that was out of our possession and Vivid received the tape and now that I know how this works, it has to be certain amount of minutes to sell the tape and what they had was not. So, they required additional footage for it to be a certain amount of minutes.

“Initially, they had us by ourselves trying to get them the additional footage but it wasn’t they needed to sell and we did this twice on our own… So, they had to send it in to get what they needed, that’s where that came from and this was after we had both signed on, agreed to and everything else,” Mimi explains to Jasmine Brand. “They said we need that, we need this, I was under contract and we had to give them what they needed at that point.”

Moving on to other negative situations in her life, Mimi expresses that she still does not trust Joseline Hernandez! Nor are Joseline and Stevie J legally married. “When my daughter is with her father, Joseline is not present most of the time, she’s either out of town or something to that nature,” Mimi shares. “Stevie is a good dad, but there’s two sides to him and yes, that is a huge concern of mine.”

“I’ve had several conversations with him about Joseline being around my daughter for the simple that if Joseline can’t and does not respect the mother, I really don’t want her around my child,” Mimi adds. Mimi is also concerned about Joseline and Stevie’s reported drug use. When asked about Joseline allegedly attacking her at the reunion, Mimi responds with “No comment.” 

Finally Mimi discusses her tumultuous relationship with K. Michelle – the two are on a more positive note. “It was very simple. K. Michelle tweeted and I tweeted back, period, dot, end of story. There was no makeup, there was no friendship, she tweeted and I tweeted her back.

With all the unfortunate events in her romantic life, Mimi insists she has not given up on finding love. “There’s over a billion people in the world, there’s definitely someone out there for me.” 

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