Nicole Napolitano Explains Why She Accepted Amber Marchese’s Apology

nicole napolitano forgives amber marchese... for now!

Immediately after joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey, one half of twin-trouble Nicole Napolitano has found herself in the center of drama.

It all started when Amber Marchese made a comment about Nicole allegedly breaking up a marriage, which Melissa Gorga repeated… to Nicole! Of course some hair pulling and back stabbing occurred. But this week, Amber and Nicole finally made peace and it seemed like things were moving forward in a positive direction. Or will they?

“It was great to finally get an apology. Going back to that night and remembering how I felt, it was a really good feeling to forgive and let go. I truly feel what I said in my interview: ‘Bitterness is leprosy to the soul,'” Nicole recalls. “At this point weeks had gone on with a lot of hurt , lies, and deceit, and with all the anger that I had towards Amber also came deep hurt.”


“Again I always feel people make mistakes, and if they are really sincere, they should be forgiven. So I left that café after our long conversation feeling really happy we were in a much better place and actually feeling hopeful for our friendship,” Nicole explains. “It was hard for me to go back to that happy place this week due to the negativity in Amber’s blogs this season and both Amber and Jim’s comments on social media. There’s a difference between right and raunchy, and my children do not need to be subjected to their vile and inherently evil comments.” 

Furthermore, Nicole has no idea why Amber is so invested in what is going on in her relationship to Bobby! “Yes, my brother-in-law mocks Amber and says ‘Nicole and Bobby’s relationship is facazy.’ Well I don’t know why Amber keeps on questioning or even cares so much about my relationship and whether Bobby is with me for the right reasons. We always have an amazing time wherever we are as long as we are together!”

Nicole adds that she is thrilled viewers got to see her in her office being all professionally and stuff and footage of her “anal” father helping Teresssssssa Aprea and Rino build their new restaurant. “It wasn’t a shock at all for my office to hear that phone call, because I’m extremely close to all them,” Nicole describes. “They are like my second family, so they knew exactly what had been going on for weeks.”

And most importantly she was happy to share the beautiful dinner everyone had at Ponte Vecchio, which clearly was so lovely because Amber and Jim were absent. “Loved having dinner at Ponte Vecchio with everyone. It was a great group,” Nicole gushes. “Joe Giudice‘s homemade wine was outrageous, and I truly love the two Joes. They both have a genuine sweetness about them and I enjoy being in their company along with their beautiful wives.”

Well, tonight the Jersey drama really picks up when Victoria Gotti pays Teresa a visit and to deliver some shocking news! 

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]