Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert Shows Off New Horse, Calls Out Judgmental Viewers

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Teen Mom 2 oompa loompa Leah Calvert is a mess. And I’m not talking about her hair and makeup this time. Financially… she’s a nightmare! And as we saw on Teen Mom 2 this week, Leah wants us to believe her money problems are Corey‘s fault. That didn’t go over well, so Leah took to Twitter to defend herself against the backlash from fans. It’s rich, err, no shade intended. 

Perpetual victim Leah rewrites history like it’s her job, especially where Corey Simms is concerned, and I don’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth. Ever. If she had not wasted so much money on hair dye, a luxury washer and dryer, convenience foods, designer purses, and makeup, she’d have more money to go towards medical bills and household expenses. 

Leah’s latest drama revolves around a new horse. Last year, Leah and Jeremy Calvert sold their home because it was not handicap accessible, which is understandable, and moved into an apartment until they found the perfect home. Leah set her sights on a ranch with horses for Ali‘s therapy – and I wouldn’t be shocked if she expects Corey‘s insurance to pay for it. #sarcasm


While filming in New York City recently, Leah tweeted, “I’m so ready to go home and get our new home ready to live in!” Shortly after, she added:

Leah Calvert horse for Ali

So Leah got her wish – a new home and a new horse. As you can imagine, fans went crazy over the fact that Leah can afford a horse (and the cost involved of keeping a horse) but she continues to bellyache about moneyCorey‘s money, Jeremy‘s money, the mail man’s money, Robbie‘s money, anyone’s money but Leah’s irresponsibly spent money.

Leah took to Twitter to defend herself – and to suck up to viewers!

“As I’m reading through my twitter feed I can’t but wonder what goes through some of you alls mind,” bemoaned Leah. “First off, the horse was given to the girls and for Ali to use for therapeutic riding from her grandparents. Second, the money I spend – or spent – wasn’t only on make-up. You guys do seem to forget that this is reality TV and many things are edited to fit timing, etc. So you guys really should take a step back to THINK before being so judgmental.”

Changing her tune a bit, Leah continued, “I love to hear you opinions even the ones that is so hurtful because I take it to heart and try to let it make me a stronger person my looking at opinions as a lesson and be more understanding of what each and everyone of you guys are trying to say to me. I try to share my story in the most inspirational way possible. All I’ve ever tried to do is stay loyal and honest to each of my viewers so you can relate to certain circumstances and either learn or give me the advice I love accepting and remaining strong through all the ups and down that I have.”

“I appreciate everyone and will always remain the person I was five or six years ago,” insisted Leah. “Remember I don’t do this for myself. I do this for others. I love my daughters with all my heart and all I will ever want for them is an amazing life and for them to be able to look up to their mommy as a role model. I hope in time each and everyone of you guys out their all over the world can see I care about every human being and all I want is to make a difference and bring peace to everyone out their.”

In all her delusional glory, Leah concluded, “I’ll be the first to admit I put everything before myself and I always will because I am so soft hearted and only want the best for my family and the world itself. I love each and everyone of you guys and I hope my journey on Teen Mom 2 has made a difference in many other lives!! We love you guys!!”

Wow. If Leah ever manages to work out a budget, I hope she allots money for a reality check and an education. 


Leah Calvert horse

Photo Credit: Facebook