Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden wrote a blog about her boobs. Because, why not?

Courtney‘s boobs names are Boo and Bee, and she has promised to love and cherish them forever and ever, never ever pick a favorite, and treat them to an abundance of sunlight every single day. I kid, but I do have to give credit where credit is due. Courtney’s blog is surprisingly insightful. Oh where, oh where was this insight when she chose a life path?

Courtney insisted she’s gone under the knife one time – for the E-cup boobs of course – and then the Couples Therapy star explained why she did it. “Let me lay a couple rumors to rest about my particular surgery,” she said. “Notice I said singular ‘surgery’ – not surgeries. I’ve been under the knife once in my life. In May 2013, I had my breasts enlarged three cup sizes.”


“For the record, I’ve never been under the knife for procedures on my face or any other part of my body whatsoever,” added Courtney. “Yet if I had, I certainly would not be afraid to admit it because I believe a person’s body is theirs and they can alter whatever they choose to alter. But there have been a handful of people out there who assume I’ve had several operations and seem intent, for whatever reason, to perpetuate that myth.”

Courtney went on to admit to getting a temporary lip filler once, which has worn off by now, but she pointed out that lip fillers are NOT cosmetic SURGERY.

“It never ceases to amaze me the assumptions made based on mere pictures,” bemoaned Courtney. “One thing is for sure, I have never felt pressure by anyone to go under the knife. It was my choice, and my choice only, to get a breast augmentation. I wasn’t depressed with a smaller chest, it’s just that I didn’t feel my most confident self. And confidence is so important in all aspects of life, it’s what takes you far.”

Courtney shared that her family did not support her decision – especially Doug Hutchison, the man she’s both married and engaged to. Because, why not? “He was not happy,” she claimed. “He saw me as perfect the way I was and couldn’t understand why I’d want to change.”

“I knew what was right for me and what I desired for myself, so regardless of how anybody else felt, I still went through with it,” shared Courtney. “It’s my body after all and I’m so glad I did. My family, including Doug, sees now that I made the right choice for myself and he loves my new twins. Yep, we’ve even named them, Boo and Bee. I have zero regret, in fact, I think I would have regret my decision had I not got my girls.”

Courtney said men “sometimes” fail to look her in the eyes, adding, “Yet I see a difference when talking to anybody for that matter – undoubtedly they notice a pair of E-cup boobs staring back at them. But it’s all in what you wear. Nobody fixates on my chest when I’m dressed in more conservative attire.”

Wait, when did that happen? Courtney doesn’t own anything conservative!! She owns a black sports bra, a black pair of leggings, a few barely there black shirts, a white sports bra, a white pair of leggings, a few barely there white shirts, one pair of nude stripper heels, a handful of bikinis, and a half dozen dresses in size Barbie. I don’t know who she’s trying to fool.

Courtney went on to say that she strives to have fun with her appearance while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She said she realizes plastic surgery can become addictive (example one and example two) and too much surgery can be detrimental to your physical body (example three) as well as your emotional self (example four). Disclaimer: examples are mine, not Courtney’s.

“I’m not against plastic surgery in moderation, meaning I do believe some people can become addicted and I feel, just like any other addiction, it can become destructive,” said Courtney. “Living in Beverly Hills – the CAPITAL of plastic surgery – there are examples around me every day of good and not-so-good surgery, so once in a while you do come across botched work.”

“Obsessions with procedures are never good. I feel that goes over and beyond getting surgery for minor confidence-boosting reasons. It becomes an addiction, searching for a satisfaction that will never be grasped. It’s a sad, potentially deadly cycle.” Example: Farrah Abraham. She went under the knife again and again, demanding perfection, but she walked away looking like a blow-up clown

Courtney concluded, “So for now, I am not planning my next time on the operating table. But when gravity begins to take place, you better believe I’ll be ringing my surgeon!!!” You know, I just can’t hate this girl. I find her to be likable and endearing in spite of her creepy other half.


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