Reality TV Stars Plastic Surgery – Did They Or Didn’t They? Before And After Photos!

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What would reality TV be without outrageous plastic surgery? Boring, right? It's the speculation that really excites us. Sometimes it's as obvious as a pair of boob implants or fillers gone horribly awry, but sometimes, just sometimes even sharky eyed watchers like us can't tell!

Below is a list of the ladies who leave us wondering: has she or hasn't she?

Above: Adrienne Maloof sporting the face she was born with, right?!


gretchen-rossi-then-now-plastic-surgery[Photo Credits: Bravo/ Eddy WENN]

Gretchen Rossi: From beauty to overkill? Is it Gretchen Christine Bootay working its magic, or something a little more expensive stronger?


[Photo Credits: TLC &]

Kate Gosselin: Remember when she was a frumpy normal bitch mom from rural PA? And then she thought she'd be a real big star and her appearance changed quite a bit… 

kenya-moore-butt-before-after[Photo Credits: David Livingston / WENN & Smooth Magazine]

kenya-moore-face-before-after[Photo Credits: Miss USA/NBC & WENN]

Kenya Moore. Kenya's butt and the legitimacy of it has been under hot speculation. But it looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta star's face has also changed a bit. Is it just… dare I say it… aging. Or has she dipped down to Mexico for a few nip/tucks there as well?

melissa-gorga-before-after-plastic-surgery[Photo Credits: Bravo, Tommy Garcia/Bravo & Alberto Reyes/]

Melissa Gorga. Since Melissa seems to enjoy being on display so much, let's put Little Miss Everything to the test! Does it seem she got a little bit of everything fixed?

BETHENNY FRANKEL[Photo Credits: Anthony G. Moore / WENN &]

Bethenny Frankel: Has the Skinnygirl maven changed more than her marital status?

Brandi Glanville signs copies of her book[Photo Credits: Twitter/STMC/]

Brandi Glanville: Brandi has copped to a boob job, a vajuvenation, and a ton of fillers and botox – but her face sure has changed a lot over the years… 

marysol-patton-then-now-plastic-surgery[Photo Credits: & Johnny Louis/]

Marysol Patton: We know her mama is no stranger to alterations, but is this a case of like mother, like daughter?

tamar-braxton-then-now[Photo Credits: Twitter/ Brian To/]

Tamar Braxton: Does the Tamar & Vince star just love really over the top makeup or has she had work done?

kim-kardashian-then-now[Photo Credits: Twitter/ & Judy Eddy/WENN]

Kim Kardashian: Hey – this one seems obvious, but maybe not?

jwoww-then-now[Photo Credits: MTV & Alberto Reyes/]

JWoww: The Jersey Shore star has claimed a healthier diet and weight loss for the change in her face, but we're not convinced… 

heather-dubrow-then-now[Photo Credits: Bravo & WENN]

Heather Dubrow: She has some very distinctive cheekbones, that one. Maybe she's born with it… maybe it was a marital perk… 

[Main Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/]