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NeNe Leakes has big things on the horizon as she prepares for her final season on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. It’s long been rumored that ratings-nabber, NeNe is the highest paid Housewife in the Housewives franchise, and as she reluctantly agreed to do one final season of RHOA there comes a rumor that she’s earning more than a million dollars! But is it even more?

“I was not offered 1.5, let’s be clear, yeah, it’s a lot nicer than that,” NeNe said coyly, adding that despite the huge financial gains she’s ready to move on from Housewives. 


“This is my 7th season, I’m the OG of the Atlanta housewives, I’m the only original girl standing…,” NeNe explains. “For me you have to grow up at some point in life and career, I don’t wanna be bickering, arguing, snatching weaves every single day, just doesn’t make me feel good.” This season, NeNe’s role will mostly be on what is going on in her life outside of Housewives, like developing her production company NeNe Leakes Productions or her acting career, and moving on to the next phase of her life. 

Making her feelings much more known, NeNe tweeted the other day about finishing RHOA and moving on. 

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Speaking of moving on, NeNe is rumored to be the main contender to replace Joan Rivers on ‘Fashion Police’ although she won’t reveal whether that’s happening or not. “I have to say Joan is irreplaceable, we all love her, she’s fantastic, she’s given me some amazing advice about my career, I love Joan…,” NeNe tells Extra.

“If the opportunity comes it’s a possibility I might, I might not…,” NeNe continued. “I’m a fashion designer, love fashion and I’ll give you a good read every now and then so it may not be a bad place for me to be.”

Another career opportunity coming NeNe’s way is her appearance as the Wicked Stepmother on Broadway’s Cinderella. “As many people who would like to hate it stop hating…my name is going up in lights in New York City,” NeNe quipped. That’s our NeNe! 

NeNe also commented on the recent sentencing of her friend Teresa Giudice. NeNe, always a ardent supporter of ‘original Housewives,‘ defended Teresa last season against her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga joining Real Housewives Of New Jersey to cause problems. 

“It hurt me so much because I like Teresa a lot…I haven’t reached out to Teresa yet, I knew so many people are reaching out to her, me and Teresa, we talk like real…,” NeNe shared. “I feel so bad because she’s a mom, I’m a mom, you know how it feels when your kid spends the night with somebody you’re like you gotta come home by Sunday, just imagine going away for a whole year, leaving your kids behind I just don’t know what to do.”

Well, congratulations NeNe on all you’ve accomplished. Don’t let it go to your head… And remember when you were jealous of Kim Zolciak‘s ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ song?

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