NeNe Leakes Has Issues Filming Season 7 Of RHOA; Talks Fake Friendships And Fake Cast Members!

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NeNe Leakes has a lot going on – from her clothing line to branching out from her reality TV gig. After rumors swirled that she wouldn’t be returning for the 7th season of Real Housewives of Atlanta amid drama with Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore, NeNe signed on with an amended contract that would allow her to pursue her other business ventures. 

But filming is not going smoothly! And I have a feeling we know exactly who this cryptic tweet is referring to: Kenya!

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NeNe won’t reveal who she is speaking about, but after admitting that she and Cynthia are working on their friendship, I can only imagine she’s directing it towards Kenya, who of course, has quite the reputation for doing and saying anything to cause trouble!

Despite her apparent desire to leave RHOA, NeNe is quitting just yet! In a new interview with POSE Magazine, she admits the show is integral to her life at this point. 

“We have been on the show for eight seasons,” NeNe reminds us. “Over the years I feel I have grown for the best. I feel my life has changed for the better.” As a perspective NeNe points out that when RHOA started her son Brent was only in 3rd grade and now he is in 10th! But now, NeNe seems truly ambivalent about her future with the show – mostly because of the current cast. “The viewers seem to forget I came onto the set with a whole different cast of women,” NeNe explains. “It’s good to keep the show fresh and keep them watching. It’s bad when they think you’re friends with people on the show.”

This is an interesting perspective – NeNe joined the show with women she was actually friends with: Kim Zolciak, Sheree – women she had a true relationship with and it followed them through their actual interactions. Now the show is compiled of women with little to no connection. And the entire premise is different. 

As for her friendship with Cynthia fizzling out as quickly as it began, NeNe points out the reality of reality TV! “That’s definitely what the producers want. They want the viewers to believe we’re all friends because we are on the show together.” NeNe reminds us that most of the time these friendships are fabricated; as is the case with Cynthia and Kenya, neither of whom NeNe had met before they began filming. So basically RHW is turning into The Bachelor, except with friends! 

“I never met Kandi Burruss, Porsha, or Lisa Wu-Hartwell until they stepped on the show and we signed all these contracts. When you guys are getting to know us, we’re getting to know each other,” NeNe reveals. “Sometimes you meet people and you like them. Then you get to know them, you think, you know, I actually thought I liked her… but I don’t,” NeNe laughs. “We are shooting season 7 right now, so the viewers will see how it plays out.” 

NeNe also hints that much of the animosity between faux friends is exaggerated. Just like her larger-than-life, keep it real party girl persona on the show is exaggerated. NeNe says she is often misunderstood by viewers. “If you sat down and talked to Cynthia for real, she would be like, NeNe is super cool,” NeNe insists. “I am really private. I am very chill.” 

Still – she understand the need for drama in reality TV! “I understand why the girls on the show are made to come after me,” NeNe accepts. “I am the original. They feel, she is the show, so we should probably come over there and get with her. A lot of these girls come on the show and create a show that is their head. I come on the show and I play NeNe, because it’s a reality show.” 

“These other girls come on as characters,” NeNe states (ahem… Kenya!). “I always tell people if you got with all of us outside of the show, I guarantee you, the person you really like on the show? You probably won’t like them because they are not really who you think they are.” NeNe says that we saw much more of her real life on her spinoff I Dream Of NeNe, which is rumored to have a second season in the works. 

Another thing NeNe has in the works is a new business. I’m guessing a clothing store for the NeNe Leakes Collection. NeNe tweeted: “Me & my hunni just looked @ an amazing location 4 a new business n ATL & possibly n Miami! I can’t wait 4 u 2 hear abt this glamours venture” Yet another thing for the Bravo Home Shopping Network this season. Goody. 

Although I cannot imagine RHOA without NeNe, I truly think this will be her last season. I think this season is setting her up to transition to her own show as her primary role this season seems to be expanding her businesses and building her career in Hollywood. I think NeNe has simply outgrown RHOA. 

[Photo Credit: Pose Magazine]