What Is Really Going On With Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida On RHOA?

phaedra parks apollo nida

Oh my… Real Housewives of Atlanta is turning into the new Real Housewives of New Jersey. Meaning what is happening behind-the-scenes is far more juicy than what’s happening on camera!

With Apollo Nida heading to prison, it seems he and Phaedra Parks are getting divorced. Rumors have cropped up that the couple is living apart and Apollo hasn’t been seen at their home in months. RHOA producers are filming Apollo until he relocates to the Big House, but he and Phaedra are barely interacting – in fact a previous report spotted them only coming together for their sons and having a terse conversation! 

Now comes a new report that states Phaedra is refusing to film with Apollo – and even skipped a recent RHOA event to avoid him. This tea is piping hot and sweet like molasses so settle in! It’s been rumored that Phaedra is ‘taking a break’ from filming this season as she sorts out her affairs, but that’s not true – what Phaedra is actually breaking from is putting her marriage and drama with her soon-to-be-ex-husband on TV. 


Recently Cynthia Bailey hosted a party at Bar One to celebrate her Ebony Magazine spread. All of the cast were there except for three ladies. Phaedra was en route to the party, when she learned Apollo was there (invited by producers, no doubt! but he’s also a friend of Peter Thomas‘) and Phaedra refused to go inside the party! In fact she pretended she was suddenly sick and went home.  

Apparently Phaedra is planning to file for divorce very, very soon – like this week or next – and wants to avoid Apollo at all costs! Here’s the clincher though – Apollo’s appearance at Cynthia’s event had nothing to do with Phaedra. He was actually there for a very different purpose – Kenya Moore. Yup! This mess with the sexting/cheating is still going on. 

Both Tamara Tattles and StraightFromTheA reveal that Kenya and Apollo did a sit-down where Apollo apologized for implicating Kenya in the sexting and LA hotel scandal – and admits he was actually in contact with a different woman but told Phaedra it was Kenya! So to sum up – neither Apollo nor Kenya ever had anything going on but some texting, albeit inappropriate, but the melodrama about how she was obsessed with him and trying to get with him was all a farce to cover up Apollo’s real misdeeds and he blamed Kenya for everything. Meaning the LA story – completely made up by Apollo! However Kenya also apologized to Apollo for all the negativity they directed towards each other and the two have made peace. 

From SFTA: “Kenya reportedly has told all the ladies that Apollo has admitted he ‘lied’ about her all these years. It remains to be seen EXACTLY what he lied about.” She also reports that during the party Apollo was “agitated”. As for Phaedra’s so-called “leave of absence”, another source claims Phaedra was just ‘threatening’ producers to keep Apollo away from her or she would essentially go on strike, but all is smoothed over now and her filming has resumed as normal. 

Moving on there was other drama at Cynthia’s party which leads to other information about certain Housewives. There’s been rumors for months that NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams were demoted, but both ladies have confirmed they’re coming back. Recently NeNe appeared on WWHL and stated that she will never forgive Cynthia and is completely done with her. 

So NeNe and Porsha were not at Cynthia’s party, obviously. What is going on is that both women are back in a full-time capacity with conditions – or something called a “limited contract”. In Porsha’s case she’s basically ‘on notice’ that she could be let go at any moment and is working on a week-to-week type contract like a temp. If the network finds someone better or she stops being interesting she can be let go without any strings attached. “She’s basically being ‘retested’ like they do with new housewives. She is being paid, but her contract has a short potential end date,” explains TamaraTattles. “Basically, her contract is to shoot for x number of weeks, with a possible renewal for more weeks or be cut.” 

The reason Porsha was NOT at Cynthia’s was that Kenya refuses to film with her at all! However, NeNe needs an ally since she is feuding with Cynthia – who has a close relationship with the rest of the girls – and Kenya, so Porsha is doing a lot of filming with Ms. Leakes. In fact the source states that Porsha may be kept around just to give NeNe someone to do things with besides Gregg!

As for NeNe, she is also on a limited contract but of a very different nature than Porsha. NeNe is back for all intents and purposes and has a full contract for the season whether she holds a peach in the opening credits or not, but she will be paid for the entire season. Since NeNe is now sooooo big and important she is given much more ‘freedom’ than her castmates and her role on the show will feature her doing various things like Zumanity, her clothing line, and other projects. 

Basically NeNe is using RHOA as a way to promote her other projects. No word on whether or not NeNe will be able to dictate who and when she films, or if she is ever forced to do a scene with some of her on-screen nemesis, but I’ll bet she and Cynthia will be doing an on camera sit-down at some point to discuss their failed friendship. 

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