Exclusive: The Reason For Dina Manzo’s Feud With Caroline Manzo And Jacqueline Laurita Revealed?

dina manzo and caroline manzo feud exposed

Real Housewives Of New Jersey – ripping apart families since season 1! Dina Manzo notoriously stopped speaking to sister Caroline Manzo and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita sometime around or after season 2 of the show, but insiders reveal exclusively that the tension was actually over that infamous table flip in season!

Apparently Dina feels Caroline, Jacqueline, and her brother Chris Laurita didn’t support her against Danielle Staub, but her buddy Teresa Giudice did when she flung a table and screamed “Prostitution Whore!” on national television. 

Dina isn’t speaking to her Caroline, Chris or Jax because of the first season table flip,” an insider tells Tom Murro.


Dina felt that Jacqueline, Chris, and Caroline didn’t have her back, and it all built up from there.” I find it interesting that Dina is still all zen and positivity with Table-flippin’ Tre but has shipped ol’ Caroline up the toxic river! Hmmm… 

If you recall, Danielle accused Dina of spreading lies about her all around the illustrious enclave of Posche, which led to Teresa’s meltdown. 

The insider adds that it is Chris who is most hurt by Dina’s defection and has tried numerous times to repair the family rift. “Chris is the most upset with Dina and her attitude.” Dina claims she left reality TV to avoid the friction becoming part of the show – luckily Melissa Gorga was waiting in the wings to her drama with Teresa front and center! #ShameEqualsNoFame 

Chris has reached out a few times, so has Jacqueline and Caroline but Dina hasn’t been receptive,” the source adds. Dina reportedly had tension at the most recent RHONJ reunion when witnesses accused her of evicting Ashlee Holmes from the premises simply for existing – sounds logical to me! – but we’ve heard conflicting reports that Ashlee was talking smack about Dina backstage and tried to stage a confrontation for some screen time which is when Dina refused to interact with her. 

Apparently Dina and Teresa grew closer as a result of their coinciding family issues – and Dina, seeing the result of how Teresa’s situation with Melissa played out as drama for RHONJ refused to have any part in the show until her family members were gone.

Dina reportedly had no idea that Jacqueline was brought back after taping wrapped to film additional scenes – and refused to film any time of confrontation or reunion with her to avoid it becoming a storyline! Our sources told us that Jacqueline was actually brought back exclusively to film with Teresa and Dina. Oops!

Hmmm… this Dina vs. the fambly thing seems a little lack-luster, no? I mean are Teresa and Danielle really worth destroying your family over? I would expect something a lot more substantial than this to warrant a 4 year feud, but as with all things RHONJ I am sure there is much, much MUCH more to the story than meets the eye and we’ll never truly learn the truth!

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