Kenya Moore Reacts To Tamar Braxton’s Shade From Watch What Happens Live

Kenya Moore reacts to Tamar Braxton

No one expected Kenya Moore to ignore the shade Tamar Braxton threw her way on Watch What Happens Live, right? Of course not!

When a caller asked for Tamar‘s opinion on Kenya‘s music, she shared, “She sings? No shade! I think I heard [Gone with the Wind Fabulous] in the club one time. I didn’t know it was a serious record. No shade. Well, I can’t lie, she’s not my favorite. Something about the thirst of it all. She’s a pretty girl. It’s just, like, the pageant thing kind of reeks.” Tamar admitted that NeNe Leakes is her girl.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s social media accounts for a reaction. And Kenya delivered!


In response, Kenya tweeted, “I’m thirsty but you are talking about ME. So who is the thirsty one? I’ll wait… #unbothered.”


Random Comment: “Talking ish now!”

Kenya‘s Response: “Who isn’t? I never come first but they always come for me.”

Random Comment: “The only ones that talk ish are the ones that are jealous.”

Kenya‘s Response: “Yes I can’t help if I outshine u.”

Random Comment: “At least u have a title.”

Kenya‘s Response: “At least I have edges.”

Finally, Kenya tweeted, “Night night team twirl going to wash my ORIGINAL face and go to bed. #dontcomeformeunlessisendforu.”


Unpopular Opinion Alert:

I cannot hate Kenya. I watch reality TV to be entertained by big personalities, and I find Kenya to be extremely entertaining. Tamar… not so much. She just annoys me. Tamar calling anyone thirsty? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Tamar should be thanking that caller for asking about Kenya; otherwise, nobody would be talking about Tamar’s appearance on WWHL. IMHO. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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