tom sandoval disgusted with kristen route and james kennedy

On this season of Vanderpump Rules, newly happy Kristen Doute is supposedly move-on with baby infant boyfriend James Kennedy, a DJ, busboy, #BeamerSelfieExpert and former friend of Tom Sandoval. But Krsiten is still trying to cause trouble for Tom, who also hates James, and now Tom is dishing on what caused his disgust with the couple! 

Tom 1 is hurt by James because they used to be buddies, they made beeeaaauteeefoool music together guys, but then James screwed Tom 1 over for Kristen. And did him dirty. 

“I have every reason not to like James. I walked in on him and Kristen hooking up at my place when Kristen was supposed to be moving out and he was supposed to be moving in,” Tom 1 revealed. “I later found out that they had used my bed and that James had lied to Kristen about me to get her into my bed!”


Question 1: Does Kristen ever have sex anywhere but Tom 1‘s bed. I mean, girl. that’s disturbing. If you’re gonna get your rocks off than go to a hotel. But of course she wants to be caught cause drama = attention. 

Question 2: How does SUR manage to employ every depraved person in LA? 

Apparently James was supposed to be Tom 1′s roommate, but then he started hooking up with Kristen and bailed on Tom 1! “Because of Kristen and James, I was put in situation in January where days before I was supposed to be splitting rent with James, I was instead stuck with no roommate, paying my full rent.”

Kristen was refusing to move out (even though I had given her a month and a half to find a place),” Tom 1 continues. “All of this is going on while I was also paying Scheana money to stay at her place (as well as my portion of the rent at my place), while Kristen had the whole place to herself with all my stuff in it. I found out James (who at the time referred to me as his “best mate”), is staying over at my place almost every night, because at this time he was living with his parents, where he shared a room with his brother.”

“It basically came down to me having to go in my place and try to make it as unlivable as possible. This included removing my mattress, silverware, all couch cushions, light bulbs, and TV. I couldn’t legally evict Kristen, but I could legally take everything of mine out of the apartment,” Tom 1 recounts. “It was truly a horrific situation, and this obviously lead to James and I no longer being friends. After we had our initial falling out, I have just chosen to stay away from the guy.”

Dang – dang!  You know what is fascinating about Kristen – she is sleazier than Jax Taylor!!! Seriously! This girl really and truly will end up being the subject of a Dateline Mysteries one day. And I cannot wait. I will watch and recap with zeal. Provided I am not the subject of her snapping. On second thought, I should be nicer to ol’ Kristopath! 

As for the night of Scheana’s birthday party when Tom 1 face palmed James into the ground Mortal Combat style, Tom says James needs to stay out of his business. “So James goes on to get in my face, I’m guessing to try and look tough, even after I approached he and Kristen calmly, non-threateningly, and with a smile. As James continues to bark at me, he starts to remind me of junior high kid trying to intimidate a high school kid, which just tells me one thing. . .he’s insecure, plain and simple.”

“It was also comical that Kristen put on this weird act when I asked her to talk. She tried to act oblivious to the fact that she has literally spent the entire time at Scheana’s birthday setting out to ruin it with bullsh– talking and obsessing about me to anyone who would listen.”

“I feel sorry for two people who after both screwing me over and betraying me in so many ways, have nothing better to do than obsess over rumors that they heard about me,” Tom 1 concludes. “The day will come when James will get tired of Kristen talking about me all the time. Hmm. . .Maybe that’s why he’s so mad at me? Because he somehow thinks it’s my fault that I’m all Doute talks about. Either way I don’t care.” Happiness is the best revenge! 

Kristen, of course, defends James and says Tom 1 is a horrible person. A horrible person she is obsessed with and desperately wants to get back together with. But you guys, she totally also LOVES James. He’s perfect. And mature. And fantastic. And she’s totally happy! Like for real. And none of this is her fault. 

“I also find it quite amusing for Tom to complain about my interest in exposing his infidelities when he spends the majority of his time bitching about James and insulting me. Pot, have you met kettle? His jealousy reared its hideous head again with the ‘Beamer Selfie’ bullsh–,” Kristen laments.

“Oh yes, ‘James is such an ass’ for being an adult and saving his money to buy himself a good car. Haha. (Let’s note that there were many times throughout our relationship Tom was driving my car while I was paying his bills.),” Kristen adds. Wait – didn’t he live with his parents? If you aren’t paying rent or bills, because you’re 12 and practically have to legally emancipate yourself to sleep at your girlfriends, you can afford to “save” for that car. 

Anyway, Kristen says one thing Tom 1 did right is dump her. “I CAN thank him for breaking up with me though so that I could finally move on and become independent and happy,” Kristen boasts. “That hot 22-year-old Brit that everyone likes to poke fun of is sweet, charming, loving, and cherishes the ground I walk on — what an amazing change.”

Right – you’re really selling us on your happiness, there girl. Fake it til you make it! Try faking sane til you make that too. 


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