This Season On Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor Backstabs, Stassi Schroeder’s New Relationship Is “Toxic” And Someone Is Fired From SUR!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

Vanderpump Rules has returned for the third season and while everyone insists the dynamic has changed, it sure doesn’t seem that way! Not. A. One of these people can get over their exes, no one can trust Jax Taylor, and Stassi Schroeder is in a new relationship that may be doing her wrong. One thing is different however – Lisa Vanderpump finally had to fire someone! And despite all the fighting, everyone can agree that none of this crazy is scripted – they’re all just truly that authentically insane!

Of course Lisa is thrilled by the “Fantastic!” new season (helllllloooo ratings!) “I’m very happy with it!” Lisa exclaims. However, someone didn’t recover from causing so much chaos. “One is missing now,” Lisa admits. “You’ll see how that plays out…,” Lisa quips to Access Hollywood. My bets are on Kristen Doute, of course! Or possibly Jax... 

Speaking of which, Jax claims he’s happy for Stassi and has move on, but then slams her relationship to new boyfriend Patrick. “I don’t think she’s happy,” Jax reveals. “I think she’s really confused. I think she’s in a relationship that’s toxic right now.”


Stassi insists she has just grown a baby bump and is keeping her distance from the drama, but Jax believes Stassi isn’t being true to herself! “I dated a different Stassi, she was a completely different girl. I have no idea who she is anymore, I don’t think she even knows, ” Jax laments. “Her friends don’t know who she is. I hope she figures it out soon because she’s doing a lot of damage.” 

Dishing on his friendship to Tom Sandoval, Jax says they’ve in repair mode. “We’re still trying to mend our relationships. Obviously, things aren’t back to 100 percent, but it’s going in a good direction,” he told Entertainment Tonight. 

Tom 2 agrees that things are on the mend. “After this season, it’s safe to say we’ve all gotten ‘Jax-ed‘ in one way or another. But the guys all remain friends and Tom and Jax are reconciling their differences. Tom, Jax and I are getting our old dynamic back to where it used to be: wolfpack-esque,” Tom explains. After last season’s scandal, Tom 2 says, “All my empathy was with Tom, but I still valued my friendship with Jax.” 

While Jax is being forgiven, Kristen, once again, not so much! Finding herself, once again, as the cause of all cast drama, Kristen insists she naturally finds herself in such unhealthy situations, but she promises she’s a nice person who is Happy! Happy! Happy! However, she does wonder if the show is responsible for breaking her and Tom 1 up! 


“I think everything would have happened anyway,” Kristen clarifies. “Maybe it wouldn’t have been quite as explosive. I definitely think certain people on the cast have developed an ego.” And who are these people who developed such egos? Why Tom 1 and Jax, of course! “But everything that happened, happened anyway. You can’t blame it on a camera or a TV show, or anything else around it. I still made the mistakes I did, as they all did.”

Ariana Madix seconds that unfortunately the cameras capture some unpleasant moments of her relationship with Tom 1 – and that takes precedence over showing their less dramatic everyday lives. “Unfortunately, you will probably see moments in our relationship that revolve around work and drama started by other people,” she tells Celebeat. “I doubt the funny stuff we do and talk about is interesting enough to be chosen over someone crying or throwing some kind of fit.”

Kristen also touched on her problematic relationship with her boss Lisa – she thinks they don’t get along because they’re just so similar! Ummmm… uhhhhh… hmmmm… that’s probably the biggest insult Lisa’s ever gotten. “I might not be her favorite on the show or in real life but I’ll always say I respect Lisa as a businesswoman first and foremost,” Kristen describes to Fox News.

Lisa and I are a lot alike and we’re extremely stubborn and it’s kind of like this is how I feel and if you don’t like it, too bad, and she’s the exact same way,” Kristen said. 

Finally, Tom Schwartz, colloquially known as Tom 2, will play a larger role this season as his relationship with Katie Maloney finally gets it’s dramatic moment in the spotlight. “I do bare something I haven’t before: my heart. That sounds kind of sappy, but I was as open and candid as is possible for me. I had to come to terms with some hard truths and was a bit of a mess honestly,” he admits.

As for the future of his relationship with Katie, he remains less than devoted to baring his heart! “We are solid, but the pressure is mounting! That being said, I am well versed in the art of non-committal procrastination,” Tom 2 tells Celebeat. “She’s wearing me down though.” 

“In previous seasons, I was more of a neutral or tentative third party, but this season I’m knee-deep in the thick of it. It’s scary in the trenches!” Tom 2 reflects. The lesson he’s learned from all of this? “I think that I’ve stopped judging reality television and have come to embrace it.” 

As a last thought, Lisa also shared that “the paths kind of cross” this season between SUR and PUMP, which leaves me wondering – will PUMP be getting it’s own spinoff next? Is Lisa going to takeover Bravo?! 

[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]