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Jacqueline Laurita has already announced her intentions to return to Real Housewives Of New Jersey next season, despite complaining bitterly about the show to anyone who will listen. 

Saying that participating in reality TV “very stressful” Jacqueline says she chose to have a less involved role this season – one that was originally supposed to involve her confronting her estranged sister-in-law Dina Manzo, so I’m not sure how that could construe a less stressful situation. 

“I agreed to do it part-time. It’s been positive being away from the craziness of the show,” Jacqueline explains.  I find this statement interesting because a large part of the craziness and vitriol of the show has directly revolved around Jacqueline – from Day 1. Too bad Jacqueline can’t take a break from her alternate reality. 


Jacqueline says with reality TV playing less of a part in her life she’s been focusing, as always, on her son Nicholas as the family deals with his autism. 

“He is doing so good,” Jacqueline tells People. “He is making progress. It’s definitely a long process, but when I look back to where he was last year or the year before, he has come such a long way.” 

Teresa Giudice and Dina have already commented stated they no longer want to be a part of the negativity of RHONJ, which is fine, so leave – but Jacqueline is coming back, according to her, as a full-time Housewife next season to tell-all about her family problems with Dina. Which, to me, sounds like inviting a “very stressful” situation right back into her life. 

It’s hard for me to find positive things to say about Jacqueline at this point, because I feel her own self-serving antics caused a lot of stress that she is now complaining about. Since season 1 Jacqueline has behaved disingenuously. She’s repeatedly used her children as a storyline to garner sympathy and support – and for a while that worked. It certainly worked for me. But then we all observed what she was truly like as a person when she could not refrain from constantly backstabbing and ish-stirring on twitter, on the show, and that horrible reunion – even while it was hurting other people, even while it was hurting herself. 

However Jacqueline seems to have a symbiotic relationship with RHONJ; she gets to attention-seek and inflate herself with a false sense of relevance about the “truths” she has become a so-called arbiter of – truths, mind you, that are never about herself. And RHONJ gets to use Jacqueline’s outbursts to propel story lines that entice viewers. Except this time, my frustration with her has reached a peak. And that peak is named Nicholas. I truly feel that if her son’s health and well-being is her primary priority, as she says it is time and time again, and if RHONJ is so negative and stressful, than it’s time for her to take her son out of that environment. 

Again, all of this is just my opinion, so feel free as always to disagree!


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